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Tiki Tuesdays 2023

Aloha! Every week I spin a 3-hour Tiki Tuesday set on Twitch starting at 7p Pacific. All genres under the "tiki music" umbrella are represented and I feature lots of videos and live performances as well. I've done in-depth interviews with Ixtahuele, Marty Lush from The Alika Lyman Group, and Mr. Ho's Orchestrotica and have some really exciting ones in the pipeline.

April marks the 3-year anniversary of Tiki Tuesdays With Speakeasy Ray and we'll be celebrating all month with clips from the interviews, album listening parties, cocktail recipes, and more. Join us!


If you miss the livestream, it is replayed every Wednesday at 8a in the morning and 7p in the evening courtesy of the good folks at https://pbmtv.org - they have loads of great music programming.

Hope to see you in the stream!

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I’m a regular listener! Excellent Ty es every week!

Brilliant! So glad you've been enjoying it, mate!

3 Year Streamaversary Flyer

ALOHA! The Tiki Tuesday 3-Year Streamaversary is this week! We've got a fun evening in store. The chat voted for Arthur Lyman's "The Legend Of Pele" for this week's LP, which we'll play after the pakalolo break. Old movie serials are back! I've missed doing crime jazz sets to episodes of "The Crimson Ghost" so we'll be starting up another 12-part series that we'll follow with an episode each week - this time I'll be soundtracking each episode with the weirder side of space age pop. And, of course, we'll have the weekly poll where you can help pick next week's LP for our weekly listening party!

Join me tomorrow from 7p Pacific and say hello!


Tonight this month's streamaversary celebration continues by featuring stream fave Sven Libaek. Come vote for which LP of his that we listen to in the 2nd half of the stream!

I'll be debuting the first clip from my interview with Brian O'Neill from Mr. Ho's Orchestrotica tonight! I'll also be featuring more clips from my interviews with Ixtahuele and Marty Lush from The Alika Lyman Group (aka Digitiki of the Quiet Village podcast!).

We'll have the next episode of Undersea Kingdom (which I soundtrack with space-age pop), a bit of Eden Ahbez, a bunch of vintage film, and more. Join us at 7p Pacific!


We'll be playing one of these two classic Martin Denny LPs on next week's Tiki Tuesday - come vote for which one in the first hour of the stream! It will come right after the newest episode of the Undersea Kingdom serial and a bunch of space-age pop goodness.

I'll also be announcing some new DJ gigs at Trader Vic's in Emeryville and Dr. Funk's in San Jose, as well as a few special upcoming Tiki Tuesday streams. So grab a cocktail and join us at 7p Pacific!

TT May 9th

This week is a special early edition of Tiki Tuesdays and we are going to have a listening party to celebrate our own member Digitiki (aka Mark Riddle) and the release of his gorgeous new LP, Lahaina Sunset. The stream starts at 4p Pacific and we'll hear the album around 5.30p, with a moody set of vibraphone-tastic tunes to take us to the end, when we raid a mate of mine who is an amazing musician and is going to "imbue a little bit of exotica feeling" in his live synth and bass performance.

I'll also be featuring clips of the interview Digitiki and I did about the Alika Lyman Group and their album Leis Of Jazz, Vol. 2. Grab a cocktail, get comfortable, and join us for the 3-hour tour!


This week we'll be having a listening party for our very own Mai Tai Mike's new LP Surfotica, from his project Mr. Moai & The Tikiheads. It comes out on June 14th so join us for a preview listen!

We're on Episode 8 of the Undersea Kingdom serial - only 5 episodes to go!

I'll be talking about the Tiki Dreams installation that Otto and Baby Doe curated at a Napa County museum, as well as upcoming tiki gigs around the Bay Area. Tune in at 7p Pacific!


I will be there!

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