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I don't see a thread for this so I'll start one

Tiki Tom Tom out of North Carolina started an incredible voyage a couple years ago. He is a great guy and a great photographer who took an extended road trip and visited 75 home Tiki bars (including mine). He came home and wrote a coffee table type book, pre-sale has started today. Here's a link and his description for anyone who is interested

It’s ready! My book, POLYNESIACS: TIKI AT HOME, is available for pre-order! Visit Wonk Press now to purchase your copy: https://www.wonkpress.com/products/polynesiacs My first-edition hardcover book, published by Wonk Press, is 400 pages of stories, photos, and ideas! Perfect for any home Tiki bar enthusiast. POLYNESIACS: TIKI AT HOME shares my immersive road trip as I crossed the continental United States to visit 75 home Tiki bars, sharing tales of the slightly obsessed and always fun Polynesiacs who have been inspired to create their own tropical escapes. Step inside these elaborate environments, lovingly created in private homes, gardens, trailers, and boat houses across the country, from New York to California and Washington to Florida. POLYNESIACS: TIKI AT HOME isn’t a how-to book. But like the ancient voyaging mariners who used star charts, winds, and currents to guide their way, this book offers sixteen Navigation Points to help map your journey, harness your unique obsessions, and learn from the wisdom and tomfoolery of the Polynesiacs who’ve traveled before you as you plan, build, or enhance your home Tiki space. Order today. Books will start being shipped in approximately eight weeks.


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Whoah, congrats MadDogMike!

This book looks like it will instantly become one of the top shelf Tiki Revival classics. Some amazing stuff in here. Great photos.

And a new site that is dedicated to our favorite topic, home tiki bars: https://polynesiacs.com/

This book reminds us how many HTBs are not on TC. (Not even sure that Tiki Tom Tom is on here.)

While many familiar names and faces are on this list, there are just as many that have never been discussed on here: https://polynesiacs.com/my-expedition/

One is the Rika Tiki Reef ... more photos here: https://www.sveinnphotography.com/p808197749

...and here: https://www.instagram.com/p/CnFKumJpnxQ/

Which leads us to two more very good HTB resources:



We could (or should) almost do a sticky thread for other sites about home builds...

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Thank you Mike and Marie! My Tiki bar doesn't hold a candle to some of the bars featured, especially when Tom visited, but I have made some improvement in the two years since then.

I decided to see what other bars from the book are represented here, this is what I found:

Hale Manu by gooneybird

Pele Bar by MadDogMike

The Flora Lounge by mokan-tiki

Boom Boom Room by Pittsburgh pauly

Cannibal Lounge by GatorRob

There is a visit to Will Carve's place in the book

The Bamboo Grove is the home bar of member Sophista-tiki

Lava Flow Inn by Matt Reese

The South Pacific Room by Monkeyman

Silverlake Tiki (listed in the book as the "Sven Kirsten's Home") by bigbrotiki

Desert Oasis Room by PolynesianPop

Rincon Room by bongofury

Am I missing anyone?

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Moai Icehouse is the home Tiki bar of TC member tiki_kiliki but does not have a page here.

Point of order, the Moai Icehouse is the home bar of Caroline Pupule in Austin, and tiki_kiliki is an entirely different person in Birmingham. That doesn't change the fact that the Moai Icehouse doesn't have a formal online web presence, either here at TC or elsewhere. It's a great place to visit--probably the top home bar in Texas.

Thanks Prikli Pear. I will edit my post

Rika Tiki Reef Is this mike and marie's place?

No, we just saw links for that place online.

Our place is taking a pause from TC while we get the 2.0 in order. It was formerly The Treasure Island Room and is now transforming into Sunken Studios.

Thanks M&M

Hamo posted on Wed, Mar 29, 2023 5:45 PM

Thanks for posting this, Mike. I've haven't been very good at reading through Tom's blog so I've been excited about the book, and I've just preordered it. Can't wait to see the entry on the Pele Bar, too.

Thanks Hamo <3

thats my living room on the cover. needless to say. honored

Whooohooo!! Congrats Dawn! That's my mug on the back cover :D

Hamo posted on Mon, May 22, 2023 8:49 PM

My copy arrived today. I've only just flipped through it, but it look marvelous.


I really appreciate the travel map just inside the cover:





Say, MadDogMike, that mug Tom's holding looks mighty familiar....

Mine arrived yesterday as well. Well done!

"Say, MadDogMike, that mug Tom's holding looks mighty familiar...." Yes it does LOL

Apparently I’ve reached “this type is too small!” age.

I just discovered this thread. Guess I don't get around much.

We all know I'm a legend in my own mind, but, now I'm legit.

I don't have a home bar per se all though I host happy hour every day on the

Balcony of The World Famous 417 1/2 Club in beautiful downtown Wilton Manors FL.

My place in the book comes from my carving chops. Not sure who thru my name in the ring , I should ask Tom who my benefactor is. Perhaps after hearing form so many home bar owners "Oh Will carved that" he got on to me. He spent about a 1/2 a day with me. He's a good guy, a good listener, & gets it right. He also knows how to step around piles of dog poop to keep everybody out of trouble. I'm not sure I needed this, Tom (Aloha Station) says every time I step in to the garden at the Mai-Kai my head gets as big as the Tikis I have carved there.

Thank you Tiki-Tom-Tom. DSC02205

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BlackWater me too! LOL Great book but I wish the font was a bit bigger
Will Carve "He's a good guy, a good listener, & gets it right" Exactly! I loved reading the section about you. I've "known" you for 15 years or so and learned lots of things I didn't know.

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Pretty amazing photos and home bars. Looking to pick up a copy at the Hukilau.


Ours arrived a couple days ago, great Pictures, you just need to come to the UK for volume 2!317AE8C1-2434-4B8C-BC91-CD075252BFD9

MDM did you create that mug?

MDM did you create that mug?

Yes I made the mug Tom is holding and gave it to him on his visit. I started a tradition with that one of giving a mug to first time visitors (I don't get many visitor so I can do that LOL)

Hmmm. I really need to visit....

Only a 2 hour drive from Tiki Oasis...

Just ordered mine: looks fantastic, and a real labor of love. Hopefully my White Devil Lodge will be in Volume Two.

Got my copy the other day, and I have to say that it is incredible! I have not read it yet, but thumbing through it is so inspirational!

Congratulations! I'll try to get one back when I am visiting the States.

This book is fantastic, and has already inspired a few projects in the backyard.


Looked through a copy at Oasis and wanted to get it. Just missed out at the signing there and couldn't find it. Looks to be sold out online. :(

I talked to Tom at Oasis. He did say the first printing sold out. I don't think he directly said they were working on an second printing but I got that impression


Thanks! Hopefully I can get a copy. It looked good.

Tom just posted this on FB

"Sold out? Sold out! Well, yes and no! I’m thrilled to announce that the first edition printing of Polynesiacs: Tiki at Home has completely sold out. 1,500 copies of the book have been purchased! Over the past five months my book has found its way into home tiki bars across the United States as well as Canada, Australia, England, Belgium, France, the Netherlands, and Sweden. I’ve already had inquiries from those now wanting to buy a copy, and the good news is that the second printing just arrived at Wonk Press! Although the order site currently says “sold out” - Wonk Press will start taking and shipping new orders very soon. Thank you, Polynesiacs! I’m humbled."


Mr. Moai & The Tikiheads was honored to be used in the video promo for Polynesiacs. See it here: Video

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