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Test Subject 17 New Single - Operation x5000

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operation x5000 coverLG

Here's the single from my project Test Subject 17 - a mashup of surf and electronics where sci-fi meets private eye:


Full length LP that explores even more punk and rock themes with a surf twang will be release in the fall from Tabu Recordings/House of Tabu.

[ Edited by houseoftabu on 2023-03-27 11:13:11 ]

Nice! it has a Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited kind of vibe - looking forward to the album, mate!

Thanks for the compliment! I do enjoy some SSSU!

You are going to get some push back on if this fits in with the Tiki Music genre But I like it, as a guitar and synth player, I dig the groove and upbeat bass driving the beat.

Oh, I know it’s not quite what many expect, but then I never understood Devo and energy domes appearing at Tiki events (and I am a Devo fan) or even MoAM? and Southern Culture on the Skids. The rest of the album covers some Devo-esque touches, as well as punk. We weren’t shooting for a pure style here but if you’re adventurous you should dig it.

MrFab posted on Thu, Mar 30, 2023 7:46 AM

I was thinking Man or Astroman which is A-Ok in my book. Looking forward to the full-length!

MoAM is definitely a favorite!

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