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Interior Wood Carving Panels - common/SYP/cedar

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I would like to carve some wood panels for my tiki bar and have a few questions. 1” think common white pine is readily available but has any used 2” southern yellow pine? Is cedar even an option? I will probably use a combination of hand carving & router - also plan to burn/stain/paint some sections.

Interested in SYP since it’s thicker and allows for a deeper carve but maybe 1” common would be fine.

Any suggestions/recommendations?

may cross post this in the tiki bar page on FB as well so you may see this twice…

[ Edited by BambooYou on 2023-03-30 10:18:07 ]

I’d grab a small piece of all your options and try them. That way you will find what wood you like working with and what carves the best for what you are making.

Thank you for the response.

I plan to experiment but it will require a bit of effort to secure some cedar. Do you think there is a noticeable visual difference between cedar & pine for an interior tiki bar?

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What are you carving> A tiki or trim pieces, like molding?

Hey Will!

IDK if you recall but we stopped by your house last March to admire your work. Bought a few things from you. Carving trim.


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Ya man I do remember. If you're just doing trim, pine is soft , cheep & EZ to work with. You're most likely using a router. You can stain it or paint it to look like anything you want. Keep it simple, ya know,

the KISS method

What he said

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