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I'm back!

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Hello All! It's been awhile for me. I used to frequent TC back in the day and picked up carving around 2009-2010. It's been so long I forgot my user login name. I haven't carved in over 13 years and I'm feeling the need to be creative again. It's definitely a learning process, I am finding that I have to learn how to carve all over again. I was starting to get pretty good before I stopped, but I was still the novice. It's nice to see other tiki carvers that I admired back then still around carving today. Ya'll are the ones who people like me look up to and try to emulate. Here are a few I did back in the day: 338126785_599106978755764_7298770148096399610_n 338025945_1396003564522983_6176054146578507697_n338181486_1199888784224496_963035854966720885_n337824474_540714531542353_1349664897828561790_n338209932_6055280134508987_7000478964535671326_n337528463_801363004882150_4997917218362911309_n

Here are two I just recently made:339634815_1682409738861788_7974570788684774798_n322297688_189916040454084_1931952938703757529_n


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All right. That's the way we do it here. Welcome back.

Welcome back, good to see you being creative again!


Welcome home

Sharpen those chisels and get to work


Welcome back, keep on carving, great job.

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