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PNG Mask tribute

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Hi, new member reading threads and taking notes. I wanted to share my first serious carve. I took a cracked, termite-eaten pine (?) 1x8 (?) I found under my house and turned it into this. It’s obviously a tribute to the OA PNG mask, which I saw in person at their open house. But I did a more restrained paint job, and added some wood textures using Dremel and Arbortech power carving tools.


I love it, well done. Posting on TC is really fun. You will make new friends here. Welcome.

That looks amazing! Well done and welcome to TC

Good job

Two tiki thumbs up

Keep going

Thanks, everyone. If you’re interested in wood textures check out “FromASeed” on Youtube. I can zen out to his videos for an hour.


My first carves were hard to give away. good job.

I called it my first ‘serious’ carve but I guess the bar counts as the real #1. Not sure if it’s visible but the verticals have tikis on them and the horizontals have a router poly pattern.

Next project is a table, once I find the lumber. (~4” redwood round posts in So Cal anyone?)


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Beautiful space.

Wow - looks really great for your first "real" carve! Dig the bar trim, too!

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