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Lahaina Sunset - album by DigiTiki

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Lahaina Sunset COVER med Res I have just released my new solo album "Lahaina Sunset". It is traditional Exotica in the tradition of Arthur Lyman and Gene Rains. Can be purchased here in the Gift Shop (https://digitiki.com). It is available in LP (180 gram, virgin vinyl audiophile pressing) and custom bamboo flash drive (which as multiple versions of the album + 2 bonus tracks not on the LP + 2 "making of" videos and 2 music videos (all in 1080p, stereo) + hi res cover artwork + smart phone wallpapers + printable CD booklet template. Over 6gb of data)

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Oh I forgot--here is photo of the flash drive (I opted for this instead of CD's as i was able to put much more bonus material on it.) Audio files come in the formats (FLAC lossless, Apple Lossless and high res MP3). The drive is carbonized bamboo, laser etched on the gift box and drive itself. Lahaina Sunset Flash Drive Box

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Preordered the bundle! Looking forward to adding some modern exotica to my turntable, and really adore the tribute to Arthur Lyman's "HAWAIIAN SUNSET." Thanks, DigiTiki!!!

Mahalo, Rupe


((EDIT: Not sure why this msg posted twice, but hopefully it'll draw people to this post!))

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will be heading out to you most likely tomorrow! Thanks for your order!

Oh my DAYS - this album is incredible, mate. What a vibe (pun intended!). I can't wait to get my hands on the vinyl and crank it up really loud.

Getting ready to order! The samples sound great.

Help me understand, sometimes I'm not good at making connections LOL Are Digitiki, Mirk Riddle, and Marty Lush the same person?

[ Edited by MadDogMike on 2023-05-09 10:08:39 ]

LOL I have multiple pursonality disorder. LOL Actually "DigiTiki" was my original Tiki Centeral handle--that one was the absolute first. Then when I was in Tikiyaki I invented "Marty Lush" as a stage name for fun (I always thought that name sounded like a washed up Borschtbelt comic). But Mark Riddle is my real name. Martin is my middle name so that's where "Marty" comes in.

My wife has always been on me to use my real name. So since this record is more serious and not a comedy thing, I took her advice. Plus I've been working on other projects with people and I felt it was just time to start taking "ownership" of my work by using my real name. I hope that mish mash made sense LOL.

Makes perfect sense now. We visited Maui in March '22, I'm looking forward to a musical revisit.


I was fortunate to live in Hawaii in the late 80's early 90's while in the Marines. Looking forward to going back there through your album. I ordered the album but still have to buy a turntable!

Mike, that is dedication to a principle - to buy vinyl before you have the turntable to play it on :) (And thank you for your service)

[ Edited by MadDogMike on 2023-05-10 07:24:47 ]

Went full DIGItiki and ordered the flash drive!

Right on. I think you will dig the bamboo drive! I'm actually packing up orders right now to ship hout. Mahalo for your order!

Awesome! Ordered the bundle! Very, very cool idea to have the bamboo set.


Woohoo, I just ordered the bundle! Thanks for all you do Mark/Marty/Digitiki, I always look forward to your podcast and I can't wait to get the vinyl.

Oh man, thank you. Funny thing, I just saw the order notification before I logged on just now. I'll get it boxed up tomorrow and will be going out Monday morning for sure!! I hope you enjoy the album!

Thank you sir, that's fantastic! No rush, although I of course really look forward to it. From the tracks I've heard, the arrangements and mixes sound excellent, and as I'm a musician and recording guy myself, I can't wait to see the "making of" video either. I love that stuff! Can't wait to hear the tracks on vinyl while sipping a nice cocktail. Cheers!


Got my copy today and have listened a couple times through. Rich, lush, and beautiful. Loved all the extras, the post card is brilliant 20230515_195717

[ Edited by MadDogMike on 2023-05-15 20:02:03 ]

Thanks for the kind words. I'm really happy you like it. And thanks for posting the pic Great photo!!!

[ Edited by Digitiki on 2023-05-15 20:05:50 ]

I got two in the mail today.

One for me. One will be gift for someone who use to live in Lahaina (they worked at Kimo's).


[ Edited by King Bushwich the 33rd on 2023-05-15 21:48:40 ]

Ours arrived Monday and we're loving it! Super relaxing and enjoyable tunes. Watched most of the extras and videos already and love the fun packaging and postcard. The album will definitely get a LOT of play in our home bar. Mahalo!

Thank you so much! I'm glad you like the album and I appreciate the post.

Did I get a rare label?IMG_2421

Happy to have seen this. Can't wait for the Get it all! Thanks

I think Tune For Crab Rangoon is my favorite.

LOL Thanks Mike. I had fun with that title.

Ordered my vinyl the other day, can't wait to play it out at live gigs!

Ray, your's is definitely on the way. Should be there this week. I cannot thank you enough for playing the album on your Tiki Tuesdays show! The comments from watchers blew me away! Alotta love!

Hamo posted on Mon, May 22, 2023 8:17 PM

Got the email today that my drive is on its way. Can't wait to mix a Captain Lush's Grog and listen to the whole album.

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