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Tiki Bar T-shirts

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MrFab posted on Sat, May 20, 2023 4:13 PM

I’m not selling these, I just think that these T-shirts saluting vintage tiki bars would be of interest: https://trendeschic.com/collections/vintage-tiki-bars?page_num=4&page_size=24

Nine dollars is a good deal for T-shirts nowadays. Though I have no idea what the quality is. Anyone buy anything from these guys?


I took a gamble and ordered two shirts. We'll see what happens.


Hey arriano any news on the shirts? Two or three days after you ordered I ordered 3 shirts... tracking says they have landed on US soil but on the other side of the country.


Nothing's arrived yet....


Arriano did you ever get the shirt you ordered? Their tracking said mine had arrived a couple days ago but i never saw any package.. and i was home all day.


It's weird. I swear I saw an email confirmation for my order, but now I can't find it. And no shirt has arrived. It could be on a slow boat from China (literally), but I'm prepared to label this a fraud.

I got all excited, but now that the shirts are listed on sale for like 4 bucks each, I did some digging.

I'm pretty sure this is a scam site. It's scraping everything from a legit print-on-demand site.

Here's a shirt on the scam site:


And a similar one on the legit site, The exact shirt appears to no longer be available.


Specifically note that the descriptions of both shirts are exactly the same. Also the 2nd site has a more realistic (but too rich for my blood) pricing of 32.99

So yeah, totally a scam I think


Oh crap. Really sorry I posted this. I learned about the site from a friend who said he was ordering from them, so figured they were legit. Bummer in the summer...

You owe me a cocktail, Mr. Fab! :)

Don-O posted on Wed, Jul 12, 2023 8:23 PM

I'm here to day that I was a victim of this scan ("Hi, Victim of this scan!") About a month ago I bought $45 dollars worth of shirts and at this point I've gotten nothing but a tracking number, a couple of e-mails instructing me to check with my neiborhors (sic) to see if they seen my mysterious package and nothing else. SO, yup. I can confirm that this is a trip from China.

Feeling less $45 bucks, Don-O

Here's another legit source for similar shirts:


I was reading through the thread here on cryptotiki mugs and someone's sig had that link in it and I thought it would go well here :)

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