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Name:Trader Vic's Thailand
Street:257 Charoennakorn Road
Phone:(66) 24760022

Trader Vic's Thailand is in a unique location - right on the banks of the Chao Phraya River that runs through Bangkok. Although the food was a little mediocre (and expensive), and the place wasn't exactly packed - it still has a highTiPSI factor! Check this link for my webpage with photos:



Here's the pics from Mr and Mrs Tikifish's trip to Trader Vic's Bangkok!

We originally sat outside here on the terrace overlooking the Chao Praya river, but we were eaten alive by mosquitoes. Quickly went inside!

Hmm, look familiar?

The most excellent and underutilized bartender in Bangkok.

A couple fog cutters and look - I'm pie eyed!

The obligatory entrance shot!

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I apologize for the 1000 edits - holy crap! I was just having some tEkNikuL diffiKulTeez.

Tikifish -
did you get a chance to hang out at the pool...? Whattya think of the hotel? I thought it was great - but I've not had a lot of world-travelling experience - so what do I know!


Nice pix. Looks like you had too much fun for 1 trip. Is that allowed?
ps.you can edit out all but 1 of those "Editedby..." lines. just backspace them out and save. 1 will stay.

That's one damn, classy-looking tiki joint.
You've got to hand it to Vic. Elegant. Very elegant. Thanks for sharing.

Had the luck to be at this tiki bar on Monday night, although we only had an hour there we managed to sample a few of the cocktails, which I thought were good. The staff, as with other Thai restaurants and bars were ever courtious and helpful and the place looked great.


On 2004-04-11 20:31, tikifish wrote:

The obligatory entrance shot!

Hey man! I know this place and this freaky tiki-guy... hahaha! I fought against him after having some cocktails --- he won!

Here some shots taken in march 2004

Very nice waitresses, very obliging and always smiling!

Samoan Fogcutter vs Pino Pepe

In the center the legendary Tiki Puka, no mug, no glass only ice. cool!

happy germans ... hahaha! think that was a Mai Tai in front of me, but I´m not sure.

The Adress for the Boat or Taxi driver:

Chao Phaya Resortm Ltd.
257/1-3 Chaoroennakorn Road
Bookalo Thornburi Bangkok 10600

It´s hard to find if you stay in the center of Bangkok. Attention! there are two Marriot Resorts in Bangkok. The Trader Vic´s Marriot is directly at the Chao Phraya River.

Prices are low.
Pino Pepe 260 Bath
Tonga Punch 230 Bath
Samoan Fogcutter 260 Bath
Mai Tai 260 Bath
Piedra Cazadores 170 Bath
Tiki Puka 290 Bath
Dr. Funk´s Son 260 Bath

I didn't know Trader Vic's used the bug eyed moai, I noticed one in the swag case.
And check out that yellow pedestal bowl! I've never seen one like that before.
Thanks for the great pictures

Great pics! I'd love to go back someday...

Thanks for ressurecting an old thread!


I have two of this bug eyed moai mugs in light brown and no one is marked with a Trader Logo. Perhaps something special in Thailand.

This is the one I have from that location.


On 2006-07-11 11:56, Tangaroa wrote:
Great pics! I'd love to go back someday...

Thanks for ressurecting an old thread!

Everbody who was once in south east asia will come back. That´s clear.


...and here are my 2 little friends from far east...

Here's mine:


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Could you take a picture of the logo?(please)
Does it have the address like my little mug?


Sorry, no logos on my mugs.

On 2006-07-11 11:58, ehrie wrote:
I have two of this bug eyed moai mugs in light brown and no one is marked with a Trader Logo. Perhaps something special in Thailand.

Sorry about that, I guess I misread your comments

We had a lovely night at Trader Vic's on Friday night, the first time I visited was back in 2008 when I was travelling around the world. But since I've been living in Bangkok for almost three years I've only visited one other time. So we thought it was about time we paid it another visit.

Trader Vic's in located what was the Marriott Spa but has since changed hands and is now the Anantara Bangkok Riverside Resort & Spa, also I've read that in October last year Trader Vic's was refurbished and I had read an online review that the bar had been de-cluttered. I went hoping they hadn't refurbished all the tiki out of Trader Vic's.

Bangkok is a very big city and the Anantara is quite far down the river and quite far away from the city center. So if your planning on visiting don't take a Tuk-Tuk, it's too far to travel in an un-air conditioned three wheel death trap. If your taking a taxi have a map printed in Thai, pay to take the toll roads and expect to spend a long time in traffic.

The best way to get there is use the Sky Train, make your way to SAPHAN TASKIN BTS station and leave by exit 2, go down the steps towards the river boats and get the free Anantara courtesy boat from pier 3.

Then it's a delightful 20 minute trip down the Chao Phraya River..

..and the boat only docks at the hotel, then follow the signs to Trader Vic's.

They have changed the bar from the old brown colonial style bar..

On 2008-04-23 15:36, Vonratnick wrote:

to a more modern Mai Tai style bar..

(please excuse the borrowed pictures cocktail got in the way of our photography)

Thanks to the wet season it was a nice night so we decided to drink outside also it was the best way to avoid the live band.

On my previous visits I had found the cocktails a little disappointing, so was surprised to see the drinks menu had changed and it now boasted six different Mai Tais, so I started with the 1944 Mai Tai, which was the second best Mai Tai I've ever had. My friend Ben ordered the Mai Tai wave which was taster selection of the different Mai Tais.

We then proceded to make quite a dint on the menu, I think by the end of the evening I had 1944 Mai Tai, the Dr Funk, the spiced grog, the coffee grog, something really strong (almeda ae?) and a tiki bowl.

The Tiki Bowls went down really well, at 350baht they are cheaper than a bucket of mekong whiskey in any tourist trap.

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Because it was my birthday the staff gave me this Trader Vic's Bangkok tiki mug...


I just visited Bangkok and went to the Trader Vic's there twice, once on a regular night (taking the shuttle boat) and once for their New Year's special dinner. I agree with what's been said before, it's pricey, but I think the drinks are more than worth it. They beat the drinks at the Bahrain Trader Vic's easily, lately the Mai Tai's there have been getting blander and tarter but the ones in Bangkok were great. The '44 Mai Tai was especially delicious. I also had a Bangkok Sour, it uses local whiskey, that goes down really well. The E'Ville Awa wasn't bad either.

Overall I enjoyed the atmosphere of the place, though both times I visited it was pretty dead. The staff was very friendly and nice.

The (non-live) music tended towards Caribbean beats and jazz, which I think worked in that environment.

OK I know this thread has been a little old. But I figured I would ask here.

Has anyone seen the Mai Tai Wave (Surf Board, and three glasses) sell anywhere? I've checked the usual, Ooga-Mooga, ebay, google, etc. and I can't find a single sale of these.

I recently visited the Abu Dhabi Trader Vic's, they have them for sale for roughly $68. I know Trader Vic's stuff can get expensive, but this just seems high to me. Nothing on their website is this high, but they don't sell the Mai Tai Wave on their website.

Again, I'd normally check Ooga-Mooga first, but there is not a single person on there with the Mai Tai Wave. Which seems odd to me since they do sell it here.

So has anyone ever seen the Mai Tai Wave sell somewhere? What would others value the Mai Tai Wave at?

Thanks in advance for the replies.

We just got back from Trader Vics in bangkok. We had a great dinner and the Samoan Fog Cutterss were quite tasty. Unfortunately, I don't have my glasses with me and I am blind as a baty so pardon any mistakes I am making. I am actually typing with my eyes closed. It is easier this way. Perhaps it the the fault of the Fog Cutters. The restaurant was nice and pleasant. The manager was an American from Alabama. We took the water taxie back to our hotel. Perhaps I will return to this site and write more when I can see. Bottom line, it was great to see the old Vic was alive, even if he is almost dead in America.

Sad to hear but this location will be closing to be replaced with an indoor swimming pool ?

I guess the plans changed BKK Trader Vic's still open five years later!

I truly hope it continues. We were all set to go there as part of a trip to Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand when Covid hit and we had to cancel the whole trip.

If you do go I can point you to some tiki mug honey holes that might have you exceed your baggage allowance.

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