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OGR's Art...or so I call it-5th Vehlvet finished-Bumatay

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A few newer finished pieces from my "Can't Just Stick to One Damn Genre" Art. I excuse if some were erroneously posted in Crafts.. Do have a new Tiki Themed piece started....Thanks! renpaintinga (3)

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My 1st Take on Black Velvet type work...on 9x12 Black Bristol Board...colored pencils...some gouache. This will be a series...for sale soon...Thanks for viewing. zytiki

I was just looking at all your art on the "other crafts" page. They should be posted in order here in Gallery. You have such an abundance of skill and talent.


Thanks Wendy...I just don't want to bore people. I work in many mediums with different Genres so I don't know if it appropriate. I am doing 4 different ones as we "speak". 1) The "black velvet" Tiki ones 2) My 10+ Series of "Vanishing America" which are large watercolor/gouache painting of the past. 3) 11x17 Comic Cover Protos...the original art size prior to publishing...which as in the Bettie and Tarzan an open top for Logo/Trade Dress 4) Variant Comic Cover Art on a Comic with a Blank Cover...which I have 8 done and working on 9


The new "velvet" Tiki is coming around...here are 3 of my other current "works" 2) "Vanishing America" Watercolor-Gouache-Horrible photo-Finished-Sold The WVA Diner in NY wvadinar 1 (2) 3)Comic Cover "Bond Type" Pencil/Ink/Ink wash 11x17 sm photo fade at bottom-need a big scanner vvbnd 4) Blank Comic Cover-CAPTAIN AMERICA NYC 911 Tribute xcap911Ab

Those look great!

Thanks Mike...I appreciate the views.


My 2nd Take on Black Velvet type work...on 9x12 Black Bristol Board...colored pencils...some gouache. Pretty happy with the Ku's wood feel. This will be a series...for sale soon...Thanks for viewing....the last one is with a filter for fun yhawA yhawA_edited

I like it!


Number Three Hawaiian Eye is done... XHEYE1 XHEYE1_editeda


Finishing up a few other pieces before I get to the 4th Faux Velvet... *An inked/mix media VAMPIRELLA painting in the 11x17 Bristol Comic Cover Format, with the 2nd and 3rd w/ filters for fun. *A Gunslinger Spawn for a Spawn Comic Cover Challenge. ~I know, I'm all over the Board ZV1a ZV1a_editeda ZV1a_edited spawn ccaaF

Dan and I just studied each of your works of art. Dan asked what are they done with, pencils or paint? Vampiress looks great in black and white and in color. Everyone is interesting. Keep them coming.

Thanks Wendy and Dan! Most are Watercolor w/ some Gouache, except for the Faux Velvets, which are colored Pencils with a touch of white gouache. All start with pencils and some have India ink...esp the Comic type.

This was the Vampi before I inked and painted. I wasn't happy with the neck/head position or the left arm, plus I wanted a little atmosphere. The Red Sonja is another 11x17 which is pure pencils...I really love just pure pencils sometimes. wvampi xrsa1a

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Went with a varied 2 color theme and a Witco Fountain...plus a few float lights...2nd pic is a PS filter for S&Gs. utikiwit utikiwit_editeda

Wow another winner. We have seen this fountain in real life but never with water running out. The filter is an interesting effect. Dan enjoyed seeing all of your art.

Many Thanks Wendy and Dan...truly appreciated!

While the new Vhelvet is in process...a few more randows...I don't always do the beautiful Ladies...Just fun stuff... zcona (2) xls xspaceA

I hate it when someone sketches my body and puts someone else's head on it! ;)


Yes, Mike you busted me 😎


Number 5 in the books...I think it came out OK... xbumatyA

Have you displayed more here than on your "other crafts" page? I seemed to have missed some men! You know your muscles.


Thanks so much...I have always enjoyed figure drawing...here is one I just tweaked as I needed to adjust the light/darks...11x17 on Bristol..watercolor/gouache/mixed media...and another figure study tarzA xrc

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Number 5 looks great! Love the gator wrassler too!

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