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Don Tiki tribute to Martin Denny show

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GECKO posted on Mon, Sep 8, 2003 5:12 PM

Aloha friends,

I just got a call from Mr.Dennys daughter, she wanted to see if I could present the tiki I'm carving to her dad at da Don Tiki show on Oct 4th at the Shell in Waikiki.

They're calling the show "Primitiva" a tribute to Martin Denny. Has anybody herd of this? I'm just trying to get da word out ya, incase any of you peopo from da mainland can make it. I'm sure it's in the Tiki news.

I'm just waiting to get a call back from her or the Don tiki peeps to organize da tiki presentation and get mo info on da show. Unless someone out there already know buku(plenty) info about da show would be nice.

I know Al& Shell are coming in Oct but I tink a little late. If you TC peopo can make it it will be well worth da trip. I'm sure Martin will play Quite Village for us to ewww and ahhh. Try and make'em! I'll see ya there.



What I would give if we could be there...

hmmm, you only live once, and Mr. Denny's clock is tickin a lot slower. 3 1/2 weeks away.


Would luv to go.

If it is in the power of modern science to develop some sort of instant transportation system a-la 'Bewitched' or 'Star Trek' before the tribute show, I will definitely be there. Otherwise, I'll just have to put on 'Quiet Village' and visualize.....

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wassup Fil!! eh, Fil is one of our local dj's here on Oahu. He works for K POI. Not to mention he has a SWEEEET collection.

thanks for the up date Fil. I thought it was at the shell. I got a call from Fluid Floyd telling me da details. He's gonna come up with a way to present the tiki to Mr.Denny.

Tickets for sale on da website...so wen you peopo gon get'um already?

I know my peeps Al & Shelly are gonna be there. Cannot wait fo see you guys. I'll see you there to bradda Fil.

I'll post a few pics later of da tiki un finished.


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