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Tiki Mug Help!!!

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I found some great garage sale finds scored a bunch of Orchids of Hawaii mugs. Most i have seen and identified easy using the resources out there. I cannot find an example of these mugs and they are not marked with model numbers like other early pieces from Orchids of Hawaii I have found before.

Did I just find a new Tiki mug?!?!?!

Any help is appreciatedIMG_9082IMG_9083IMG_9086IMG_9087IMG_9088IMG_9089IMG_9090IMG_9091IMG_9092


It's clearly this design (a 'Lucky' Tiki) but it's strange why there is no Orchids version listed.


[ Edited by swizzle on 2023-10-02 02:20:13 ]

It does not match any of the other "Lucky Tiki" examples. similar but not identical. I see no examples that match these.

It doesn't match the glaze and the overall finish but it is clearly this exact design. As i said, it's strange that there are several version/variations on the design but that there is no Orchids one listed.


Thank you for the help. I will register these as a new variant. Just crazy that for Orchids of Hawaii there have been no other examples previously.

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