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White Devil Lodge - Florida

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Having sold off the contents (most of them) and premises of The Deep South Pacific Room in early 2020, circumstances required a hasty retreat to the semi-tropical refuge of Florida, there to wait out a pesky lockdown on the beach. Fast-forward to spring of 2023, and I was able to renovate a mid-century condo from the floor up, which allowed me to resurrect some of my favorite features of the DSPR (especially the grasscloth wallpaper), and incorporate new ones. My overall goal was aiming for a Don Draper library/Tiki lounge.

White Devil Lodge - Basement Kahuna club One remnant was this Basement Kahuna rendition of a war club, which greets visitors upon entering.

White Devil Lodge - entry pole Opposite, and next to greet visitors, is this short palm log pole.

White Devil Lodge - entry & hallway Further along, a wall grouping, pipe rack, and Tiki cocktail and cookbooks.

White Devil Lodge - entry Adjacent to the kitchen counter bar stands the first of several (certainly best-endowed) Tiki poles rendered by Basement Kahuna.

White Devil Lodge - kitchen corner pole Another view of the bar and B.K. pole. The trim around the bar window is also custom-carved by B.K., and is repeated around the glass doors to the lanai.

White Devil Lodge - dining area The bar, dining area, and mug cabinet. We'll return here later on our tour.

White Devil Lodge - guest bath The guest bath, consciously paying tribute to the Howard Johnson's color scheme.

White Devil Lodge - hallway print A vintage Tiki menu print adorns the hallway, another holdover from previous lodgings.

White Devil Lodge - Basement Kahuna shield A B.K. shield hides just inside the master bedroom.

White Devil Lodge - bedroom corner A small grouping in another bedroom corner.

White Devil Lodge - library and bar Re-entering the main room, another glance at the bar & part of the main library.

White Devil Lodge - library partial The far corner of the library, leading into the lanai.

White Devil Lodge - main room art wall Opposite the shelving, more Tiki art & carvings.

White Devil Lodge - carved piece The centerpiece of the main room, an exquisitely detailed piece from, you guessed it, Basement Kahuna.

White Devil Lodge - main room 1 Another view, from the lanai.

White Devil Lodge - lanai full The back window wall of the lanai, which overlooks the pool.

White Devil Lodge - lanai daylight Both side walls feature replicated flat panels & carved poles from the intrepid B.K.

White Devil Lodge - mug cabinet close-up A close-up of the mug cabinet, containing the choicest items I retained from my sell-off of the DSPR holdings, and a few new additions.

Modest in size & scope, the White Devil Lodge lacks the three separate bars and Witco furniture I previously enjoyed, but I'm genuinely glad that it's all glorifying other Tiki environments around the Southeast. I'm thrilled to be a retired Floridian now, and living just a few miles down the road from The Secret Tiki Temple, my home-away-from-home.

Thanks for drooling!

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Thanks for drooling!


Aloha! Looks good! See you at the Temple sometime!!

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