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live tiki carving

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Two years ago I was visiting a friend in Detroit. Her downstairs neighbor/landlord had been into tiki, and one of the things he did was to try to carve a tiki face into an actual living tree.

I thought it turned out quite well, but I do wonder if the tree is still alive today. Carving anything into a living tree is an open invitation for all sorts of insects and other critters to make their home in the tree, which will weaken it, and eventually cause it to topple over.


I don't know, that is a cool sculpture, but I kinda wonder if trees can feel, cause that looks like it could kinda hurt. Who knows, it might evolve someday into an Evil Tiki and seek out it’s carver, in order to carve a tiki on his ass, for revenge
I can see the Hollywood version now.

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