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I made a mailing list for us. My original intention was to make a list for promoting any future events that I might instigate, but I have made it open for anyone to announce local events or even just to meet and get to know like-minded others.

You can join here:





Can't we use TC for that?

About half of the people that I had in mind when I set it up are not part of TC.

I agree, we should use Tiki Central for that.

After all, you never know when an TC'er might be in town and it would suck for them to miss out on something just because it was on a locals only list.

Yea sure I agree, go now!

I misworded my original message, I guess. The list is not strictly for Tiki Centralites. This is the description:

"This Group is for Florida and Georgia fans of Lounge and Exotica music and culture. Use the Group to meet and get to know each other or to announce local events."

I think it is a good idea. The more notice of anything going on the betta in my opinion. I get so much crap in my e-mail, a note about something tiki is always welcome.

Aloha KahunaMilu

The group is a good idea. We have one for the Maryland, DC., Virginia group. It is away for us to keep in touch. We post about on TC and it has been away for us to meet other Tiki Central members from out of town



I'm on and ready for southern tiki action!

JTD posted on Sat, Sep 20, 2003 2:40 PM

I'm in.

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