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Trip Report: Sydney to Honolulu Cruise, April 2024

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The trip was a repositioning cruise planned from Sydney to Lifou, Mystery Island, two stops in Fiji, Samoa, American Samoa, Maui, ending in Honolulu. Unfortunately, last year’s wildfires in Maui meant a change in itinerary – a full day and night in Honolulu instead. I don’t know if the change was a good thing or a bad thing for the folks on Maui, but still wishing them the best.

We left Jacksonville on Saturday the 6th, then through Atlanta and Los Angeles, arriving in Sydney on the 8th (Monday morning). At this point I figured somebody owed me a Sunday (and a summer).

The incredible view from our hotel room in Sydney. IMG_20240407_165022337_HDR

Since we arrived a day early, we had some time to wander around Sydney Harbor. IMG_20240407_182614954_HDR


The ship was due to depart the evening of the 9th, but the weather was not cooperating. 100 kph (62 mph) winds were blowing outside the harbor and the harbor master closed the port. So we got to spend another evening in Sydney. A bit disappointing but the scenery was great! IMG_20240409_025655692_HDR

The delay meant we’d miss Lifou. A medical emergency then kept us from Mystery Island. Onward to Fiji. First the port of Lautoka, and a tour to Nadi. IMG_20240413_224212453_HDR


These guys seemed a little out of place. IMG_20240414_172014435_HDR

Next day Suva and a tour down the east coast. We were greeted by a rainbow. IMG_20240415_115056442

We stopped in the village of Tonga Levu, and after a kava ceremony were adopted into the village. This is a shot from after the ceremony. IMG_20240415_154915390

Next stop: Apia Samoa, and the Samoa Cultural Village. IMG_20240417_141148579_HDR



The men do all the cooking. Here prepping coconut milk and taro. IMG_20240417_134404075_HDR


And a few for the carvers. IMG_20240417_133712330_HDR


Then a stop at the Robert Louis Stevenson museum. The tapa wallpaper in the study is a reproduction of the original. IMG_20240417_153412161


Then across the international date line to American Samoa. Got my Sunday back, although I think it was actually a Wednesday.

The villages have an annual 40-man canoe race. As we were pulling into Pago Pago harbor we saw some of them out practicing. IMG_20240418_105123684_HDR

Then into the latest in island transport. IMG_20240418_134314937_HDR

Beautiful island! Mandatory tourist shots. IMG_20240418_134427356_HDR


Fatu-ma-futi IMG_20240418_132247029_HDR

What the well-dressed peace officers are wearing this season. IMG_0978

Onward across the equator (anyone else kiss a fish?) to Honolulu. IMG_20240424_105816242


Tourist swag.

Fiji mask IMG_20240427_142256135~2

Tourist war club and cannibal fork IMG_20240427_141302066

Various tapa IMG_20240427_142341279



A few for the Missus IMG_20240427_141734360_HDR IMG_20240427_141837722

And some shirts IMG_20240427_140343026_HDR


I must say we were guests of some of the nicest folks that I've come across. Everyone from Australia on was cordial and welcoming. We loved the whole trip! This was supposed to be a "bucket list" trip, but we'll be back!

Wow that must’ve been an unforgettable trip! I am usually not one for the cruises but that itinerary sounds amazing and am very jealous.

Thanks KonsTiki, it was! The cruising thing is a double-edged sword - you get to visit a lot of places, but you don't get a lot of time in any of them. All of ours till now have been in the Caribbean, but that's getting so commercialized (and overcrowded) that many of the ports are beginning to look alike, and the local flavor is lost. This one was much different, and better! We still wish we had more time on the islands, but now we know where we'd like to go back to.

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