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thatch support over bar

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Hi folks - I'm wanting to build a thatch support extending out from a wall kinda like this at Frankie's in Vegas (sorry for the low-res photo found online). I'd be using 2" bamboo poles. My rudimentary engineering skills tell me that the weight stress would be on the top angled pole where it meets the wall. How best to secure the bamboo to the wall? I'm thinking I'd install a wooden strip up along the top where the ceiling meets the wall, cut the bamboo pole at the flush angle and run a screw through the pole into the wood. Would this be strong enough? Will be using Mexican thatch which isn't that heavy. Am I on the right track or do you have a better method? Thanks in advance!tikistructure

OK, you’ve inspired me. I’ve been racking my brain on how to cover this 5’ section of my tiki bar and I think this is it.

I started by looking through Bamboo Ben’s instagram feed. I’m thinking 2” bamboo A-frame. One of BB’s photos of thatched roof under construction had a home depot bucket, and I used that to determine around 18” spacing on the bamboo frame.

screenshot 2024-06-24 at 5.45.17 pm

100 board feet of 2” bamboo is $150 from Forever Bamboo. Plus freight to wherever you are. I already have thatching but you can get it there too.

Started sketching.


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