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Tiki bar mat

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Hello, Bonjour !!

This is my first post here. i feel that i should have joined this group a long long time ago.

I am very fortunate to have a father in law that can build anything with wood, so i asked him for a last large project as he is getting old, to build us a Tiki bar in our backward in my wonderful Montreal where i can enjoy summer for a long (not) 4 months or so.

now i need a very cool bar mat. not a tacky one please put your logo here. i want something like Brex or black lagoon but they are all sold out or ready to ship in end of aug-september. My season will be over.

so i turn to you, maybe you have 2 and can spare one. Maybe you know a site that i don't know. I would like a 12x16 or around that.

Merci bcp!

Picture of my bar that is 50% done. image_16845569


Tikiland Trading has some barmats on their website, though looks like it's a preorder 3-4 months out: https://www.tikilandtrading.com/collections/barware

Trader Vic sells a logo rail bar mat: https://tradervics.com/products/trader-vics-bar-matt and a palm tree one: https://tradervics.com/products/palm-tree-logo-bar-mat-1?_pos=2&_sid=57d1b77f5&_ss=r

I'd also check for merch from your favorite brands of rum. Island Company has some here: https://www.islandcompanyrum.com/collections/bar-mats-island-company-rum

Check the sites of your favorite commercial bars too! Good luck on your quest!


Here in the states, liquor distributors have all kinds of crazy stuff (including mats) in their warehouse. If it works that way up north there, make friends with your liquor distributor! Or have your local bar request what you want from them. Cheers!

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