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Attention O.C. Carvers: Free palm tree sections?

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I just returned from OSH parking lot in Laguna Niguel, La Paz rd at Aliso Creek. A couple of 40-50' palms are being cut down and sectioned. They got a dumpster there so theyll probably just be hauled away. Not sure what kind of palm trees but they're pretty beefy looking.

Thanks for the tip...anyone in HB who needs some palm tree trunks for carving, let me know...I have a friend who owns a tree trimming business & is happy to supply the trunks vs. paying to dump them..

That's the second time they cut trees down in that parking lot. they did it last year too. The employees said they just let the whole tree fall over . TTHHUUDD!! The trees are some kind of date palm looking thing. Those are alot more corse than fan palms, but still decent. If youre in the area " look around, look around!"

Pages: 1 2 replies