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Poncie Ponce?!?!?????????@!! what the heck?!?!

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mig posted on Mon, Jul 15, 2002 11:19 AM

Okay, in the "Room 135 singers" thread (in the events forum), people are compiling a list of songs from, coincidentally, room 135.

Well, I'm having a moment right now because one of the songs apparently is by "Poncie Ponce". And being that my last name is exactly that (Ponce), a number of college friends have historically called me "Poncie Ponce".

I had no idea there was another entity called that. Who is it? What is it? Can someone expand on that? Please answer my questions and put me out of my misery because I must now go on the hunt for related paraphernalia...


Poncie Ponce played the cab driver Kazuo Kim on "Hawaiian Eye". Here's his filmography and some other links. I think he also had some sort of "learn the ukelele at home" corespondence course.

P.S. I used Shutterfly to host my recent pics. I found it far superior to Ophoto.




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mig posted on Mon, Jul 15, 2002 4:48 PM

Holy ca-ca, I'm blown away. I need to get this:


Mig, didn't you see him in the screening in Palm Springs? That is the album that I got my songs for the compilation from. It is available on CD as a Japanese import. There was also a Connie Stevens album, and brace yourself, a Robert Conrad sings album for Hawaiian Eye.
I have a nice foto of Poncie wearing a Tiki Aloha shirt. The man to really talk to is off course Kevin aka Miehana, who has an incredible collection of Hawaiian Eye memorabilia.
It's funny that, as the first website shows, the series was a big hit in Argentina!

mig posted on Mon, Jul 15, 2002 8:58 PM

I did see him... but I think I was sipping a drink or something (okay, I'll fess up, I was finishing my puzzle book) when the credits were rolling so I didn't see it spelled out in all its glory.

The CD, I may try to get sometime for amusement purposes. But the actual 33rpm album sleeve... I will not rest until I have one!!!

That's my Mig... doing a puzzle book in the middle of paradise! :wink:

Hilarious! I will keep a lookout for the album in my travels Mig!
In that same vein, MrSmiley might enjoy hearing that I saw an album at the thrift today by "Woody Woodbury", which looked to be a lounge comedy album from the 60's. (since Woodbury is his last name)
**If you're out there Bruce, I will pick this up for you if you like. I think it only costs a buck. let me know:
[email protected]
I couldnt help but acknowledge the irony!

Hey Mig!
I can see the resemblence too!!

mig posted on Wed, Jul 17, 2002 2:03 PM

Yep, just swap out the guitar for a puzzle book, and it's me... although I need to find out where to get some of those platform flip-flop things.

EVERYBODY IN THIS GROUP IS HEREBY PUT ON ALERT: Keep your eyes open for a "Poncie Ponce Sings" album. And of course I'll reimburse you for costs. This does not expire until I get one... so you must all be on the lookout for me for years until it happens.

I've seen those "flip Flops" before. They are actually made out of Bam F'in Boo. Sick huh!!?!! They even make Bamboo Beer!! It's the never ending material. George Washington used bamboo for the frist filliment for the light bulb! Or was that Edison? But, I have never heard of them using Bamboo to make records, not even Poncie la Poncie or what ever his name is. Mig is cool!

The search for Poncie is international. We shall scour the globe & not rest until vinyl proof of the Ponce-meister's existance is delivered to Mig.

Trader Woody


The shoes are japanese traditional sandals. Can't remember what they're called. If I see any cheap in Japan when I go (in a couple weeks! woohoo!) do ya want some, Mig?

Here at Brian's Drive in theater.

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I used to have a Cheech and Chong record called Big Bamboo.
It came with a gigantic rolling paper. I do'nt have that anymore either.

Missed "Cricket" at the new shell bar

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Swanky posted on Thu, Aug 2, 2007 1:16 PM

The last article on this page says he performs and that he performed in February for these folks. Call up the contacts it lists and one of them can tell you how to contact him or his agent... I emailed Sam to see if he can help.

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mig posted on Fri, Aug 3, 2007 8:31 AM

Wow... he's around? Dang!

In the past years since the thread began, I've acquired a few Poncie Ponce things. Meeting him would be a scream.

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