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Make way for the genuine Scorpions.
Who's got the best original recipes?

Vic's is good and I use it often - but with this old/new liquor we need an old school, true islands version.

[ Edited by: pablus on 2003-09-11 11:57 ]

WOW!!! I can't wait to try this stuff. I hope that they can get the permits.

Looking foward to having this on my shelf. Here's hoping it takes off.

Keep on the lookout for these vintage cocktail booklets, printed anually by Ti Root Okolehao Hawaii, Inc. It is all the entry cocktail recipes for their annual "Okolehao Mixout".

I only own the 1962 edition of this booklet:

The booklet is about 4" x 7", 20 pages of cocktail recipes featuring Okolehao.

I'll be looking forward to giving 'em a try!

How cool is this pamphlet?
I think you "might" have some original recopies with this book. When the Okolehao comes into Fad, this book could pay your rent on Ebay. Could you please show some other pages of this gem?

A Tiki Cheers To You!

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Yikes, Pup!
I think they infringed my rights by putting my image on that pamphlet.

(That'd be the big dude with the bottle)

I'd probably be willing not to sue if a certain scorpion recipe were to somehow show up here from the "exhibit A."


Here's a place you can buy it if you know the language(?).


Hey Tradepup,
i have done a lot of searching for this pamphlet. If you ahve a source or come across another one please contact me.
In the meantime, please post some recipes from this book when you get a chance.

What ever happend to that new Okolehao, did it come out, did anybody try it, was it any good...?

In the mid 90s I found one of those green Tiki w. ashtray & mug decanters unused at a liquor store in Eagle Rock and really enjoyed that stuff bit by bit, until it was gone.

Last year I bought a big black one that seemed almost full, at the rosebowl from a Hawaiiana dealer. It smelled like Okolehao. At home I discovered the Scheister had watered it down to refill the bottle, spoiling how ever much of that rare elixier was in there originally. What a sacrilege.


Sven, see this thread, it is the most up to date info I have found with realease dates

God, it does look like Pablus!!

pablus posted on Fri, Jan 7, 2005 9:13 AM

"Clyde" has more hair but the mass and pouring activities are familiar.

And the dancing girl.

Hoping that Traderpup sees this post resurfacing and hears my plea once again for an original scorpion recipe from this book.

I've already begged. Can I bribe?

[ Edited by: pablus on 2005-01-07 09:14 ]

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