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Coconut candles - BE CAREFUL!!!

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OK - don't be a complete idiot like me & be careful with fire near your tikis.....
I have a few of these cool little "coconut candles" I got at a friends wedding in Kauai a few years ago. (They are basically hollowed out coconut husks with wax in the middle & a wick. Similar to this:http://www.findigo.com/default.asp?page=Products/coconuts.html)
So they have been in my little mini tiki-shrine in the bathroom & whenever someone who comes over who I think would appreciate it - I turn off the regular lights & fire the bad boys up. Well, the wax was almost completly evaporated from one of them, but I lit it anyway - and went into the next room to hang out.... BIG MISTAKE.
Thanks to my sense of smell (burning coconut) & my wife's speed with a fire extinguisher, I avoided burning the house down & had minimal tiki damage (a few are a little singed tho...)
So - don't be a jackass & be careful with fire!!!

DO NOT EVER LEAVE ANY FIRE ALONE. Fire has a mind of it's own.

Yeah - well... I learned the hard way - scorched a few of my little buggers....

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