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Trader Vic's, Munich, Germany (restaurant)

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Name:Trader Vic's Munich
Street:(in the Hotel Bayerischer Hof) Promenadeplatz 2-6
Phone:089/21 20 995

The Trader Vic’s in Munich ranks a close second to the one in London. It opened in early 70s (73?) & has much of the same décor as it did then.

Pics & More:

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3:00 in the morning. I just came home from the Trader Vic's Munich. Had scorpion bowls with some friends and took some pictures for tikiphiles who haven't seen it yet.

:drink: :drink: :drink: :drink: :drink: :drink: :drink:

The DVD of Tiki

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or got to http://tikiland.de and click yourself through...

My pages about the Munich Trader Vic's are online for more than half a decade now...


How do they keep those big headed Marquesan tikis from falling over?

ehrie posted on Fri, Jul 7, 2006 2:14 AM

Here are some photos from Trader Vic´s in June 2006.



Thanks for those photos, ehrie. Munich Vic's is the Trader Vic's I'd like to visit. It seems to have the best decor of almost any remaining Vic's, maybe along with London as Chris originally stated. Chris' old pics are gone now, this shot of yours shows off some of the interior well.


EDIT: Munich is one of the great remaining Vic's in all the world; the thread needs a picture of it as many that were posted here are being lost. The above is just a small taste of the classic interior at Munich. It's the best, right after London. Ok, it's a tie!

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On 2006-07-07 11:08, midnite_tiki wrote:
... Chris' old pics are gone now ...

Bummer. I'll look around & see if they still exist.

Nice photos, Ehrie. Welcome to Tiki Central.


in anyone's experience, is it necessary to make reservations for t.v. munich?

On 2007-09-17 09:37, Johnny Dollar wrote:
in anyone's experience, is it necessary to make reservations for t.v. munich?

no, maybe during certain fairs, octoberfest or other big events ...
but better ask here when you know the night when you want to go:

last saturday pussycat-dolls singer nicole scherzinger and her boyfriend
formula one star lewis hamilton ate @ tradervics after her concert in munich.

Zeta posted on Tue, Jul 13, 2010 4:03 PM

How is it possible that this thread has only one picture?!?! Do something! Shees...

These are some random pictures from a flip video that I took last May when I was in Germany on a semi-business trip. It was quite a haul to make it to this Trader Vic's, but it was well worth the trip. It reminded me a lot of the TV's in Atlanta (same excellent food and service). You could tell that very little had changed since the place had opened. It was a real time capsule. I may post some more when I develop a disposable camera I was also using.

Started with a round of Mai Tai's, haven't seen this glass before.

These two shots are from a display case they had. I recognized the voodoo grog glass, but I've never seen the stemmed glass with the dragon on it. Not sure what that one was used for.

One of may statues.

Back side of reception stand.

Chinese ovens. Meheunues (sp?) everywhere in this place!

One thing that made me very happy about this TV's was that it was PACKED! I don't think it is going anywhere anytime soon. The bar was not afraid to work off the menu. I asked for a Starboard Light (not on the menu) and the waiter brought it out in the classic green Starboard Light mug! What else can I say? It's a great place.

here are my photos, which coincided with oktoberfest visit in 2007.

i might add that we were the only male patrons there not wearing coats and ties. oh well... dumme amerikaner

The original lamps alone are worth the trip:

Usually the first thing to go upon renovation, here they are all still hanging,

They even have the trademark birdcage lamps:

(in the background, right), the now rare specimen that was used as a prop in "I am Cuba":

...and which still can be found at the Havana Trader Vic's aka the Polynesio, (returned after the shoot):


I just found a coctail glass from this TV location and wanted to add it here.
It measures 3 1/2" tall.

A repeated hommage for this singular location, which in my opinion is the most original, old, authentic Trader Vic's in the world, after the Chicago and Beverly Hills are gone now. Atlanta is close, yes, and London, too, but the cavernous labyrinth of this place gives it that hideaway feel that a good Tiki bar should have. There are some pretty bad photos of it in this thread so far, and I am hoping these, albeit a bit grainy, will do it some better justice:

I met with my old friends Jo, Olaf and Kai here a couple of nights ago. There were also Gustav, who I met at Hukilau, and Gert, my friend and A.D. on all my shoots. I had the trademark Munich Sour, Navy Grog, and a Fog Cutter:

This place is a real time warp, densely textured from every angle:

From this p.o.v. the place might have looked empty....

...but actually, once you made your way down the tunnels...

...one found several fully seated dining rooms.

Since this Trader Vic's is in one of THE most expensive hotels in Munich,
it has traditionally been a rendezvous for the well-heeled locals, too...

...where on weekends, reservations are needed. So why change anything! :)

Jo talked us to visit another swell watering hole...

The "Golden Bar", in an old Nazi-architecture building that recently had its original golden wall maps uncovered...

...and is now a busy craft cocktail hang out. Kai was happy to get the "Van Hagen", a cocktail created by Jo...

...served in a mug that he had designed, made by Chiki Tiki:

Hey now, don't everybody get all emotional all at once here!!! :D

Despite the un-emotive response to my images, I will merrily continue to post impressions from my visits to this stellar example of Tikidom. From tonight:


awesome shots,
thanks so much for posting here, and not on facebook.
Jonpaul was just saying the other night how awesome that Trader Vics was.

I hope to make it there someday.
but until then, thanks again.


Hi Sven:

Thanks for sharing your photos! I visited London TV in February and will be in the Munich TV in July. This gives me something to look forward to, as I really loved the London location (decor, drinks, music). I'm glad to see that Munich holds to the same high standard. Mahalo!

Among last night's serving:

Tiki Puka Puka

Dr. Funk's Son

Excellent photos as usual Sven! I think Munich is the #1 Trader Vic's location that I'd like to visit... looks to be a real time capsule.


Thank you for the pictures Sven. I will never get there in person, but in my mind I can always visit.

Now, it's off to the kitchen for a Missionary's Downfall.

Thanks for the photos! I've got to go someday. I've never seen such a red Tiki Puka Puka. It's one of my favorite Trader Vic's drinks and I've had many of them. It has the best looking garnish I've ever seen though.

The view at Trader Vic's last night:

An excellent Dr. Funk

An exotic attendant

delectable comestibles


Looks like you're having an amazing time in Munich! I don't want to take this thread too far off-topic, but since I'll be in Munich for a few days next month, I was wondering if you had any recommendations of must-see tiki sites on or off the beaten path while I'm in that area (besides TV, of course)? If you're still there when I arrive, I'll buy you a round of drinks. :) Cheers and mahalo!

The splendor of the Munich Trader Vic's may make it appear as if there are other Tiki havens around in Germany, but there really aren't. 98.9 % of the people here don't know what Tiki means, there is no history of it in Europe (except in Spain). There are some individuals here who carry the torch of the Tiki revival, but they are far and few between.

I will be going to Tirol the end of the month, and on my way back home I'll be in Munich on the 5th, 6th and 7th of July. I am always up for one more Vic visit, of course.

On 2012-06-13 14:12, bigbrotiki wrote:
I will be going to Tirol the end of the month, and on my way back home I'll be in Munich on the 5th, 6th and 7th of July. I am always up for one more Vic visit, of course.

Ah, dread! I will be arriving on the 13th & staying through the 18th. Not sure if the people I'm meeting up with will have any interest in going, but I'm definitely going. With a place that authentic and storied, it would be difficult to justify going anywhere else, anyway, especially when time is short. Thanks for the advice.

Nice pics Sven. Thanks for sharing.

Decor-wise Munich is one of my favorite locations as well, right up there with London and Tokyo.

BTW, that camera lens of yours seems really prone to lens flares. Forget the A.D. you should bring along a 1st A.C. to drink with you so he can spot them. :)

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Sven, you've inspired me to overcome my inertia and add some photos to complement yours.
(These were taken during a major soccer match involving Germany which is likely why the place was mostly empty.)

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Nice shots, fez monk, I can see you had fun.

Yesterday, I took Kai Sarnes' bike to what might be my last visit to this hideaway this summer...

After a stressful work week, a Siboney cocktail was just the thing to take the edge off:

All that was missing was the classic Ernesto Lecuona tune as background music


But the many-layered environs were equally soothing...

..and so I took what looks like a vintage postcard shot:

one more thing:

On 2012-06-13 09:03, Tiki Wachee wrote:
....since I'll be in Munich for a few days next month, I was wondering if you had any recommendations of must-see tiki sites on or off the beaten path while I'm in that area...

Just in case you missed the post, I shall not fail to mention this place:

Tiki Wachee, you should also check out this place which as far as I know is still open.

It's not anywhere as grand as Trader Vic's but if the bartender (former Trader Vic's bartender) finds you have an interest, they're liable to switch on the Hawaiian music for you. They don't get many tikiphiles in there so he's pretty jazzed when people like us show up. Plan to eat dinner as drinks are more of a sideline here.

There's also Pusser's New York Bar which is nautical rather than tiki. They do serve Painkillers and Grog though.

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Alas, the Waikiki is no more. I don't know when it closed, and what happened to the decor. It was a nice cross-cultural Thai/Tiki place, wish I would have taken photos of the mural.

Couldn't leave town without paying a visit to my favorite underground bar :) As the evening progressed, I got a little creative with my photo concepts:

Happy drinking companions Jo and Gert

Barney West Tiki

Textures and Tiki I

Textures and Tiki II

Gert titled this: "About to jump in"

Within reach!

All smiles :)

Sven and Fez:

Thanks for the additional tips and pics. I love it when a classic mug frames a shot! Also loving the "texture" shots both of you posted, showing some of the rich detail of the place. The texture and lighting are what breathe life into these spaces.

Too bad about the Waikiki. Critiki has one photo of at least part of their mural: http://tinyurl.com/7x7atx9

Guess that just means more drinks to be had at Trader Vic's, which I'll be within stumbling distance of. I'll be sure to check out Goldene Bar & Pusser's, too. At this rate, there may not be any time left for any biergartens.

Dagg posted on Wed, Sep 19, 2012 3:37 PM

My wife and I just got back from 3 weeks in Europe, stopped by TV Munich for some drinks and a late dinner.
Here's some pics

Despite one of its entrance Tikis being being emasculated...

...the Munich Trader Vic's is a s busy as ever...

...and I was thrilled to meet up with Jamie Wilson during his stop-over in town a couple of nights ago:

Jamie's outfit Cheeky Tiki is singlehandedly responsible for creating a unique British Tiki bar revival in the last 7 years. After the success of the London Mahiki, their business took off and they have built 20 Tiki bars in the last 4 years alone - and we are not talking "Tiki Lite"

Jochen also dropped by, and the T.V. manager inquired if Jamie could help him with keeping the place authentic. I also was thrilled to hear that talented Tiki mug maker BAI from Paris now works for Cheeky Tiki and has already designed several cocktail vessels for them. A Tiki-match made in heaven!

Check out the fine interiors they designed and outfitted completely, from the materials to carving the Tikis to making the mugs:


On snowy night in October (!?) I went on a mission to meet a man with a mission.
On my way, I passed reminders of other heroic deeds...

Michael Jackson fan shrine in front of Hotel Bayrischer Hof:

I love the sound of a lone accordion echoing in empty night streets

I had arrived...

...to hook up with Rugbymatt, who I had sent on a remote photo safari in foreign lands.
He did beautifully, and I am looking forward to his posts about it. :)

I went to Munich for the first time a few weeks ago and, of course, I had to visit the Trader Vic’s. The place is amazing!! The restaurant is in the basement of the Hotel Bayerischer Hof so it has no windows at all. What there is instead is a dark exotic environment of warm woods and wonderful lighting.

The place is huge -- but not as in one giant open space. Instead, there are many separate lounges and dining rooms of varying size. The rooms are not closed off with doors, but rather open up onto each other, or onto passageways that connect everything together. It is impossible to take-in even half the restaurant at once. Seeing everything requires wandering around -- and just when you think you’ve walked through it all, you’ll stumble upon yet another dining room which you could swear you haven’t seen before.

The interior has all the elements of tiki décor we love so much and it has them in spades. Warm woods, matting, bamboo, tapa cloth, room dividers with Chinese “jade” tiles, puffer fish lamps, float lamps, cage lamps, so many lamps of all types and colors!, outrigger boats hanging from the ceiling, nautical and tropical flotsam and jetsam, and of course lots and lots of tikis.

The service was outstanding. The food was excellent. I’m unqualified to judge cocktails but, for what it’s worth, the ones we tried all tasted sehr gut to me.

If you are ever in or anywhere near Munich, the Trader Vic’s is a tiki must-see. I can’t recommend it enough.

Beautiful! I don't know when I'll ever get to Germany but if I do I'm going to the Munich Trader Vic's first thing, last thing, maybe spend my entire vacation there. In the mean time your pictures will have to suffice. Thanks for posting them!

Here are some things I picked up at the Munich Trader Vic's.

Business card



Sugar packet

Tent card

And another

We visited Trader Vic's in Munich last week (15 Oct 2015) and thought other travelers might find a trip report useful. We had a delightful time there. The Bar and Restaurant are in fine condition with wonderful decor, and it remains a classic, high-end Tiki experience. The staff was friendly, professional, and welcoming. The bar served well made and strong tiki drinks (we had Navy Grogs and Scorpions). The Mai Tai I had in the Restaurant section was also good. I particularly enjoyed the lamb prepared in the Chinese Oven ... just great. I've been to the Park Lane Trader Vic's in London twice and found the Munich location to be friendlier and filled with happier customers. But, the London Traders still worth going to. We will go again to the Munich location and strongly recommend it. This is a picture of my daughter Cosima enjoying her Scorpion.

Nice! I stopped by a few years ago, but it was too early in the day, so I took photos out front and then walked back to the City Hall and had beers at a table outside of one of the brew pubs.

The big dilemma on my last trip was that the Hofbrau Haus is a 10 minute walk away. I think I went there for beers and food 5 times on my last trip.

Munich is a great city!

Did not see this thread until today – we stayed at the Hotel Bayerischer Hof for about three days while in Germany last year; was not disappointed as the bar appeared very much the same as seen in these photos. Now I am especially happy to know we had a chance to visit one of the best remaining Trader Vics.

My wife, daughter and I enjoyed several drinks and beers here – the shrimp appetizers were so fine, we ordered another round after finishing the first. As everyone says, the service was excellent and everyone here seemed to be enjoying themselves (we were here about 4:30-5pm). What a great place.


I did the greatest action that I've ever done in my life and stepped in to Trader Vic's. Very proud of myself for that! It really is a great place, like a time travel to its golden era. Everything is in order, every piece has it's own place, decor is balanced same way as a good cocktail, no barbie-dolls, no garbage as decorations, pictures on the wall ain't awry, everything in order as it was meant to be in first place. Even the dust on the higher parts might be from 1971. Staff is great, friendly, they made me a tour around the restaurant, they explained me about rums and techniques etc., etc. Three evenings in row, 9 cocktails in total, and still alive. Great place!

And...! For extra! Had my first ever Painkiller no. 3 in nearby Pusser's bar as a 10th cocktail!

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