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Tiki Room, Stockholm, Sweden (bar)

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Name:Tiki Room
Street:Birkagatan 10 (below Mellow Restaurant)
Phone:08 33 15 55

I really love this bar! The designers paid great attention to detail.

Pics & More:

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It's with grief I yesterday learned that the awesome Tiki Room of Stockholm will be closed, so you fanatics, you have less than a month, after that it's gone. Perhaps if Tiki-philes the world over pay a visit the new staff will change their minds

Damn, I have to go to Sweden for work later this year.

Any update? Is this place closing? I leave in 1 1/2 weeks for Stockholm and need to know if I can go to this place. This will (hopefully) be my 3rd time this year visitng another country and its Tiki Bars.....

Since I am going to be there next week, I have done some more research on the location of it. It's not in Stockholm city, it's in a small city just outside of Stockholm (like 1 mile from the Stockholm train station) called Vasastaden. Luckily it's 1.75 miles from my hotel!!! If you go to http://www.mellowbar.com you can take a virtual tour of the bar. I will post pic's upon my return. I also hear that they have their own mug!!!!

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I finally uploaded my pictures from my trip. Check it out!

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It's not in Stockholm city, it's in a small city just outside of Stockholm (like 1 mile from the Stockholm train station) called Vasastaden.

As a Stockholm native I feel my obligation to straighten out a few misconceptions about the Tiki Room.

First of all, the Tiki Room is located in Stockholm. Vasastaden is a part of Stockholm just like Soho is a part of London or like Greenwich Village is a part of New York. It’s only four stops with the subway from the central station (T-Centralen).

Rumours about the closing of the place has been coming and going but the place is still in full swing. They serve a nice mix of tropical drinks, many of them from Beachbum Berry’s Grog Log, and they keep them traditional and very pleasing. The vibe is nice, the music is exelent and the décor is fine, but the crowd and the tikis are not that impressive.

Hi everyone! Im quite wew to this forum but have been lurking for a while and only made a few posts in the Tiki drinks forum. I too live in Stockholm and I visit Tiki Room now and then and I really like it and hope it will never close. Their drinks are really GOOD! and the decor is nice. And as is explained..Vasastan is a part of Stockholm, of the inner town actually.I used to live very near Tiki Room once, but now Im 40 min away with the subway..still not very far..
Interesting to read about it here.

Today it's exactly 10 years since Tiki Room opened in Stockholm. I will celebrate there tonight with the originators, who sold the bar a couple of years ago. Okole maluna!

Very nice celebration yesterday! Stefan, Adam and Peter - the brains behind Tiki Room - shared lots of interesting stories.

The Shrunken Skull was originally served in a Tiki Room moai mug from Tiki Farm, but all of them have been stolen...

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