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Waikiki, Palma del Rio, Spain (bar)

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Street:The Main Drag through Town
City:Palma del Rio

Waikiki is a lovely little bar located in the small Andalusian town of Palma del Rio, roughly equidistant between Cordoba and Sevilla.

So what if the few masks in the establishment were mass produced Indonesian “crafts”, the lovely pink and green neon sign announcing “Waikiki” to the world along with the hand painted sign of the different mugs awaiting inside make this place top notch in my book! At the bar sat a few older local men having sodas and beers. A couple in their early twenties came in after Emi and I. And then of course, there was the bartender. This guy was THE best (!!!) and I presume the sole proprietor of the Waikiki.

I ordered the house drink, the Waikiki, and then the show began! The bartender didn’t touch a single element of the drink, but, for example, used tongs to cut and place a slice of fruit on the rim of the glass. And he didn’t just shake the drink in the cocktail shaker, but sort of lovingly rolled it in the air for well over a minute and then strained the liquid from the ice in the cocktail shaker and added fresh ice! But wait! Before pouring the drink into my glass he poured himself a test shot to make sure it was up to his standards! What a classy touch!

The drink was of course delicious and served with a huge swizzle stick shaped like the profile of a sexy chica running her fingers through her hair along with a big paper flower cocktail drink thing.
Upon leaving this maestro de cocktails smiled at me and said “tres euros” to which I responded “perfecto”!

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