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Trader Vic's, Marbella, Spain (restaurant)

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Name:Trader Vic's
Street:Ctra. de Cádiz, km 175 (at the Urbanización La Alcazaba)
Phone:952 81 61 00

Trader Vic’s Marbella was cool – not as cool & swank as the London Trader Vic’s but certainly in that category. The coolest thing about Trader Vic’s Marbella was its setting. Trader Vic’s Marbella is set beside the pool in a massive resort complex. Looking out the window I could see real palm trees, moonlight shining and stars twinkling, a lighted pool & dimly lit paths leading to the beach. There was seating available outside around the pool, but it was a chilly night so we sat inside.

Trader Vic’s Marbella had big tikis inside along with the par usual floaters, outrigger canoe etc. hanging from the ceiling. Of particular interest was the well over eight feet tall moai standing guard over the entrance to the servicios.

The clientele were mostly wealthy British families with young kids on holiday with too much money and too few ideas about how to spend it. These folks seem to abound in Marbella and the Costa del Sol in general.

Read more about tiki in Marbella & Andalusia at:

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I see no "Vista Guiada" option on that page...

On 2003-09-12 13:19, Tangaroa wrote:
I see no "Vista Guiada" option on that page...

hmmm...you're right. oh well, it USED to be there. anyway, i deleted that part from my description.

thanks for checking & letting me know.

tiki chris

Zeta posted on Wed, Apr 8, 2009 11:55 AM


Sad to say that they left the franchise.

No more Trader Vics in Marbella or Mai Tai Bar in Estepona. They continue with the same bussines under another name.

I agree about the clientele: mostly British swells.

I hope the bartender is still there. He seemed like a good guy.
On top of that, during my visit he presented me with 2 mugs as a gift and the manager bought my drinks. Showing appreciation for what people do often goes a long way.

Even though it's no longer a Trader Vic's, I figured some people might appreciate seeing the the beauty of this location.
Marbella is a place not many are likely to get to unless they're already predisposed to do so (e.g. well off and bored). I wouldn't have bothered except for my desire to visit this location.

Photos from May 2008

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Zeta posted on Mon, Jun 14, 2010 9:01 AM

pelagito, mahalo for the update! Post more amigo!
Gracias fez monkey, Illustrious Ethylic Explorer*, great pictures as always.

Marbella is cool, with sheiks, yatchs, international crime mafias, super models and cocaine... It's not really my Jazz, but definetly interesting for an Antropologhy entusiast like myself.
You need a car (or a Bentley if you want to blend in with the crowd) to get to this particular Bar-Restaurant.

This location changed it's name and therefore Mister Naufrago created a new thread here:


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Polynesian's, Marbella, Spain (restaurant)
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Street:Urbanizacion La Alcazaba - Nueva Andalucia
Phone:952 816 100

Polynesian's replaces former Trader Vic's

*Term coined by Zeta

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