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Disintegrating Tikis - Royal Hawaiian & Crystal Cove

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I was in Laguna Beach yesterday - sadly, The Royal Hawaiian tikis are decomposing at a rapid pace...
Of the two that were originally under the sign, one is completely gone, and the other looks like someone went at it with a sledgehammer. The large one with the light-bulb eyes seems to be falling apart also...
Then we went to Crystal Cove - which is a very nice little stretch of beach just north of Laguna & has all these great bungalows built back in the 20's & 30's - and they are all vacant! The state parks association are fixing these things back up (http://www.crystalcove.net/) - but for now they are just abandoned - creepy, but cool! I really wanted to poke around in them.... Anyway, the point of this long-winded ramble is that there was a 5 foot, wind-blown, disintegrating tiki in front of one! I didn't have a camera, but will try to take a pic next time...

Originally there were FOUR modern abstract Tikis carved by Andres Bumatay in a row outside. Two were stolen over the last decade. The others inside are by Milan Guanko. Both carvers, like the owners of the Royal Hawaiian, were Phillipinos.


That's too bad - I hate to see what's left get damaged, or just not exist any more. I liked your comment in another post about us expecting to find establishments like shown in your book. It has spoiled us to see this stuff as it once was!

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