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My wife and I went to Disney's California Adventure yesterday to see the Beach Boys (good show, BTW). One of the shops on Paradise Pier, Point Mugu Tattoo has a bunch of Lilo and Stitch stuff, grass skirts, Tiki nodders, coasters, magnets, Hula girl and guy bobbers, etc. (looked like Accoutrements stuff mostly, but it's nice to see in a store).
Outside the shop is a side area where you can get a picture with Lilo and Stitch, and a little L & S craft area for the kids. There were a few carved Tikis around, but the best was one carved into the craft area's beam: a Stitch Tiki! Very cool, and of course I didn't have my camera :(
We go fairly often, so I'll take pics next time and post them, unless someone beats me to it.

Patrick McNeal

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Excellent! I've also spotted Toes on the Nose tiki shirts in Mugu Tattoo...

And don't forget the little Don The Beachcombers display at Hollywood and Dine.


And don't forget the little Don The Beachcombers display at Hollywood and Dine.


Missed that...or maybe didn't know I did, being a neophyte Tiki-phile and all...what should I look for in that shop?


Hollywood and Dine is an indoor food court set on a soundstage. it's in the waaaaaaaay corner of the park over by the Superstar Limo ride (but farther).

The soundstage had 4 or 5 different types of food and they've built "sets" of different classic Hollywood eaterys, one of them being Don the Beachcombers. So, go in there and look for the Bamboo/Tiki section. On the wall is a display case. I have some photos of it; I'll see if I can dig them up and post them on the web...


According to Miehana, Hollywood and Dine is no more. T'was really hidden, and nobody found it. That Aloha shirt with the Don The Beachcomber label was really nice...

**Poly-Pop ***

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your best bet would be to go to the park on one of their more crowded days, like the next hoilday or 3 day weekend. If they're going to open it up it's going to be for big crowds. My guess is they haven't really torn it down; they just closed it until the crowds get bigger (it's still listed on their website, and their website it usually pretty good about being up to date)


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Well, I haven't had a chance to get down to DCA lately, but I found these neat Stitch Tiki pics, from the park and the El Capitan premiere:

More pics and info:
Here and here.

Patrick McNeal

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