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Please help me with my Tiki project.

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[ Edited by: Christoph Boost 2006-08-15 08:40 ]

for my masters degree final project, i wrote a 10,000 word report that was tiki related.

if you like, private message me & i'll email you a copy of my bibliography.

i'll be glad to answer any questions you might have also.

i lived in london at the time, so i may be able to help you w/ your euro-centric tiki concerns too.

good luck,
tiki chris

since your from belgium you could go to here..


On 2003-09-16 06:22, Christoph Boost wrote:
But because Belgium isn't that close to Hawaii it sometimes is hard to understand the tikiculture.

The Belgium government supports young persons that like to do an international and cultural project. But before they give you financial support, they ask you to set up planning and find local people that can help you with your project.

I would like to go to Hawaii for about 2 months and leave somewhere in march 2004.

Christoph Boost
Antwerp, Belgium

Dear Chris-dawg!

Howzit bruddah, just a couple of thought on your 'project'.

First, since when isn't Belgium that 'close' to Hawaii! (Just pulling your leg C-man!) In a cultural sense, 'closeness' is all relative.

Yes, there is this matter of a continent between you and H-town (that's what we call Hawaii in the good ol USA) But keep in mind, that's only if your heading West. I'm pretty sure it's a clear shot if you go East.

Anyway, when I say it's r-tive (that's how we say 'relative' in the good ol USA), what I mean is this - who cares! You see, H-Town is anything you want it to be.

Hey, I bet those old stuffy Government officials in B-ville (that's what we call Belgium in the good ol USA), wouldn't know the difference between a Kuakalana 'O Ke Mele E Kana and a Kuala Komo Ne Ne (ha ha! that's a little H-town joke!).

How cool is that C-lo, B-ville supports 'young persons' that want to do tiki cultural projects. Wow. Break me off a piece O dat will ya!

Will you adopt me? I would like to become a citizen of the good ol B-ville. (I do speak Antwerpian you know!). And don't you bruddahs up there in Antwerp-opolis get that killer chronic in your coffee houses?

Yeah, I may be twice or 3 times your age, but I hear in South America it's real liberal so no one would question our relationship. Can I call you C-daddy?

Anyway, if you think ol' Heinz in the Antwerp Social Science Dept will be a stickler of authenticity, then I'm your man! You just let me know what we gotta do, and I'll get it done. We'll both be on our way to H-town in no time dawg!

Hey, do you drink heavily? I do. I suggest that if you really want to understand 'TIKI' you begin binge drinking. Underage? No problem when 'Bong's' your guide on the Hana Highway to Hell. I know all the tricks of the drinking trade!

Do you have any hottie sisters that look great wearing those European topless bikini thong thing-a-ma-jigs? If so, bring 'em!

Well, I've got to get back to doing something or other hear at my desk. I look forward to hearing from you little bruddah!


Please ignore Tiki Bong. We all do.


Can everyone help me with my project too? I'm collecting tiki mugs. If you have any you don't need you can mail them to me!

Dear Christoph,
Thank you for writing Tiki Central. As you can imagine, organizations such as ours receive many hundreds of requests for assistance with academic research each year. While most of these requests are deserving of our consideration, staffing limitations and budget constraints have made it necessary to adopt a uniform policy of respectfully declining to provide the requested assistance.


"Hard to understand the Tiki culture" was nicely epitomized on that site you posted the link to, atomictony! "Soul beat garage punk" and plenty o' Elvis, mm-mm good!

Well spotted!


There are some helpful folks here, Chris! Paging Gecko...

Bong and Kailuageoff are having fun. It is possible that they are losing their minds, though.

On 2003-09-16 12:13, floratina wrote:
Bong and Kailuageoff are having fun. It is possible that they are losing their minds, though.

Can't find mine anywhere...

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