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Surfing for Life Documentary

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Has anyone seen the documentary "Surfing For Life"? I had a chance to see it last year and was blown away by how these old guys and gals still surf in their 80's and 90's! I just found out about the web site and am going to see if my video store will purchase it for rentals. The history of how local surfers in Hawaii were very socially active in the shaping of the the islands was remarkable.

SES posted on Tue, Sep 16, 2003 5:25 PM

Wow! Great link...
Eve looks hot for 75!
I'll have to add that one to my surfing section. Currently redoing parts of my site.

[ Edited by: susane on 2004-01-20 06:10 ]

Yes I have seen this.......Great video. It's very inspirational to me and to others I know who have seen it as well. I'm 41 and have been surfing since I was 15 (26 years) and have no plans of stopping anytime soon. I figure I'll surf till I'm like 95 years old, then I'll probably take up golf..........


[ Edited by: tikifreak on 2003-09-19 12:53 ]


True indeed! I surf at a place in San Onofre called 'Old Mans'. At 43, I'm probably the median age out in the line up. It's a sweet break of rolling bowls that last for at least 50 yards.

I can't wait until I retire and hang at the beach every morning, waves or not.

SES posted on Fri, Sep 19, 2003 1:25 PM

Here is another good surfing link:


[ Edited by: susane on 2004-01-20 06:14 ]

Bong... as a San O local maybe you might know... are there tikis or why are there not tikis in abundance below the cliffs? Its been 5 years since I was there... details are fading...

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