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Just wanted to thank Danny again for the great Tiki he carved for us! Thought you might also want to see his great work.......


GECKO posted on Wed, Sep 17, 2003 2:14 PM

nice wun!

Very very nice. Can he do the wipeout solo?

That is way @#$#$ cool! Now you need to get one playin' an Uke!
great job Chiki


Wow, very creative. Good work Danny.

Game recognize game; pimp recognize pimp. Nice piece! :)


dude, love the detail. i live for that detail. awesome bongos, name plate at the bottom, deep cuts that form the legs, and nice and chai-nee (shinny). We were all in VC and i didn't know it. anytime there's a tiki planting, we should have a ceremony. Bongo, you gots a bunch o' huge tikis now, eh? You wouldn't be in Camarillo, would you? I'm in the Rillo, carvin' out of my hut here in da back yard.


Pretty cool!


Uber-sweet! I envy the talent! Can he carve me a monkey with a fez as a tree topper for next year's International Tiki Day palm tree?

Hey hey hey, thanks for the props my tiki peeps and fellow carvers. Ron and Mickee, a big hug to y'all for asking me to carve it. TikitOny, email me your cell, I'm heading up to the 805 real soon.

Mahalo again Chikitiki......Tikitony, we are in Thousand Oaks....10 minutes from you. Drop us an email and come by.....My sister lives in Camarillo, I'm there all the time.....would love to get together, not many of us in the 805....that back yard looks great!


sounds goOd!

Chikitiki: Excellent BongoFury tiki!

What an incredible tiki hut. Very high in TIPSY quality, as well.

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