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Hello Everyone...I'm a new member, just wanted to say hi. I enjoy carving small tiki's out of wood, but as of now, I am in Kuwait and Iraq doing the Governments business. I am still carving tiki's, but I have to use the wood from Ammo crates and stuff like that for now. I am from Oregon, I hope to get back there soon. Would like to here from other members from Oregon :)

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Welcome! Ammo crate tikis eh? That's marvelous. Hope you get to come home soon.

SES posted on Tue, Sep 23, 2003 7:48 AM

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Aloha braddah! be carefull and come home soon. I'll buy you a drink if you eva visit da islands.


Right on Brother! It's nice to see another fellow Oregonian join the ranks. I visit your quaint little hometown whenever I get the chance. It has one of the best skateparks in the country! I'm getting a little old for my favorite sport, but with a park like that, I just can't say no!
Many years ago I was serving good 'ol Uncle Sam as a US Army Paratrooper stationed in Vicenza Italy. Not nearly as harsh as wartime in the Middle East, but I know what it's like to be away from home, and diconnected from the communities and pursuits you feel drawn to. It's great that you've got access to the internet. Sounds like you're making the best of it. Let us know when you're coming home. We'll get some of the NW gang together at The Alibi. In the meantime keep carving, and keep your head down!

Welcome to T.C.,
So there are "tikis of mass production" in Iraq.
Get the hell out of there as soon as you can and come back safe!

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