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Celebrating classic and modern Polynesian Pop

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Cook was about ready after a few months of drying so his permanent paint scheme went on today..looks pretty good...dog shown for size comparison :)

THAT is Killer dude!

How much do you want for it?


BK, that is incredible work.
I'm speechless.

wow... that is HOT.

well done!

Cook's been sort of a fixture in the KTPR since I finished carving him.. put the initial coat of tinted Tung oil on him to slow his drying and put him in the corner by the door. I'm feeling out a certain situation for him....hmmmm...Hhhhalll...hallle?? Ehhh,..I dunno. Maybe. If he goes up for grabs ever this forum will have the first notification without a doubt, you can rest assured.

How many clams? Come on!!

Look around, look around. That's the baddest tiki in town.

I believe this could be your master piece.
He almost looks like he could be your fortunate son.
Don't tell your wife I said that.

SES posted on Tue, Sep 23, 2003 11:59 PM

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This idol is worth a highly visible spot in (hhhmmm haaackkk hhhaaallllee) the public eye. In fact, I can just imagine him looking at me in a tiki bar. All of us Centralites should have the opportunity to see it in person, even if we can't see it between Nov. 15 and Dec. 15. :wink:

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BK, very nice! Is that a combination of paint and stain? I love the painted base. Great job!

I had to add my congratulations. Man that is a way kool carving man. The colour of that tiki is out of this world. Fez's off to ya. You de man.


That is a very nice piece of artwork. I would be interested in commissioning a piece by you if you have the time/interest.

I have pieces by most of the notable tiki carvers on our board, and you would make a fine addition. This way, the other left coasters could see your work in person.

Please email me if you're interested.

How much for the dog?

Beautiful work BK!
p.s. Just keep your dog away from it. snif, snif.

Thanks for the comps! Bill the snorting Brittany isn't ever for sale. He's my carving assistant. He is also my taster. He makes sure all food items entering the garage are carefully inspected prior to entering the carving area.

That is one amazing tiki!!!

Give that dog a Mai-Tai. And the carver too!
Fantastic carving BK.


wOw! :o:o:o:o:o:o:o:o:o:o:o:o:o:o:o:o tOp knOtch there Basement Kahuna! Is his name "Cook", Is he on vacation from the Marquesas Isles?

BK - that's one great carving...I think that if it leaves your place it should be heading only one way - Brad's future Tiki bar.


GECKO posted on Wed, Sep 24, 2003 4:18 PM

nice finish BK,

send'um ove to Brads. Hook da braddah up.
If he cannot give you full amount you want have him write you a reciept and claim it at da end of da year.





wow looks great, i like the white on the bottom really makes the detail pop out. great work as always


And to think, I might have been able to see him with my own eyes were I not STILL at the office.

Thanks for the rain-check, BK.
It won't take long, I assure you.

That tiki is terrific.

Jawohl! A vonderful vork, and a fine example of what has always been my favourite style:
The so-called Tahitian, (but really Marquesan) post Tiki. The wrap-around mouth, the stylized nose, all making it close to abstract modern art (that was inspired by the primitives...)

You are imbued by the mana of Tiki no doubt. Because you BELIEVE!

...A toast to you, noble Herr Kirsten, for without your acorn could not have grown the great oak that is the modern preservation and revival of this nearly lost, iconographic art form. And thanks to all whose continued encouragement fan my creative flames.

BK, I want one! I would put that guy indoors.



Dang! That is COOL! I waited this long to respond because I knew I needed to come back and forward the link to a good friend of mine who does woodworking with primitive tools. He'll be very impressed. I also showed the photo of Bill (the snorting Brittany)to my Plott Hound, Stella. She sort of perked up at that! Perhaps she got something out of the Size Comparison that we humans missed out on?
Congratulations! I plan on visiting with and getting to know Cook early next year, if possible!

Anytime, Sir Vic. We have to get you away from all that bad mana eminating from Tiki Bob's. With a top-shelf Zombie, perhaps?

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