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Hey, gang...just wanted to pass along the news that the HAWAIIAN DICK trade paperback, collecting the first three issue HAWAIIAN DICK mini-series, is now available in a number of places (from Image Comics).

The easiest place to grab it (if you don't know where your local comic shop is) is probably Amazon, where it's currently listed at 30% off (they say it's not out yet, but I know people have been receiving their Amazon copies already):


I hope those of you who give it a shot dig it. We created it with the Tiki Nation in mind. Artist Steven Griffin designed the posters and tee-shirts for EXOTICA!, and we're working on establishing him in the scene. I am, anyway.

One of the bonus features in the book is a new drink menus, beautifully illustrated by Steven:


Let us know what you think!


-B. Clay Moore
writer: Hawaiian Dick

[ Edited by: Hawaiian Dick on 2003-09-26 10:41 ]


Strangely I just looked this up on Amazon this morning. The online comics were excellent and I'm looking forward to reading the whole story.

You need to get Stephen to put more tiki stuff on his website.


I got the first three issues. Great twist on the private eye genere and great Tiki/Hawaiiana artwork!


[ Edited by: filslash 2008-09-05 13:28 ]

Yeah, updating the websites has taken a backseat to getting the second series underway.

Thanks for taking an interest, kids!

-B. Clay Moore

Very cool! I'm a huge comic fan but I never make it out to the comic book stores anymore. I wanted to pick this up ever since it was first mentioned here, but I never tracked down a copy. Nice to see this published. I'm gonna git me it ...


[ Edited by: hanford_lemoore on 2003-09-29 00:51 ]

Hey, I JUST posted info on this under the Tiki Noir thread (both of 'em!) Then I just saw the new collection at my local comics shop yesterday - congrats! (You know me as Will from Thrillville...) Keep it comin', my man.

Ah, Will...I fully intended to send a copy your way, but haven't gotten many out the door yet.

But thanks for the support, man!


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