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Hi, as you know, I'm moving to CA, so I decided I'll relocate the Moai to my parents' backyard. In the process I also changed its color to a darker tone and dry brushed a lighter grey on him so he looks more stone like.

Also - the Friday a week before International Tiki Day, I finaly located real limes, so I bought about 40 of them and proceeded to get some supplies for making the drinks.
A couple of months before that, Caber-Net traded me a bottle of Lemon Hart 151 proof that was one of the essential ingerdients for making a Zombie. Now that I had the fresh limes, I could finaly make a real Zombie.

I did not care that it was around 2 p.m. and that I hadn't drank or eaten anything that day, and I was suffering form sleep depravation (I was working on mixing our album).
I started with 2 Mai Tais, and then made the Zombie per Beachbum Berry's instructions in "Intoxica"

There's the potent 151 being mesured in my hard to find mesuring cup that has Oz markings...

Actualy, my brother photographed every stage of making the Zombie, but I think you get the idea...

Here's the finished product. Notice that since all our Tiki mugs are packed, and we don't have any Collins glasses, I decided to use the Pacific Beach Tiki bar glass (which matches the T-shirt I'm wearing in the pic!).
I really look like someone who hasn't slept properly for 3 weeks, hasn't eaten or drank anything in this pic.

And the results, you ask?
Well, my bro was too nice and did not take any pics of me passed out on the sofa. It really floored me. The 2 Mai Tais before it certainly helped.

BTW - a week later on ITD, everybody came prepared with a full stomach and no one passed out, although we all drank much more than this...


From the Land of the $27 Myers's

[ Edited by: kick_the_reverb on 2003-09-26 10:52 ]

Nice Job! That Sounded like one of our family gatherings! It is great fun to unleash the hidden power of the tiki drink, on the innocent relative.

Keep on Mixing,



Welcome to California. Hopefully you'll be moving to southern california, where the sun shines all year. BTW your moai looks excelent. Is that made out of wood, and are you really in Israel?


Cool digs, Kick. Glad you're (at least somewhat) safe over here now. If we can just get you to the Mai Kai...the greatest of all.

GECKO posted on Tue, Sep 30, 2003 2:40 AM

I'm glad you are moving to Calli, now you can share your love of tiki with dem udda crazy peapo in Calli. Congrats KTR, your're going to get tiki spoiled.

Hey Ran - when is the move? I assume that it hasn't happened yet.


Hey, your parents backyard is tropically very lush. I assume it's in Israel? When I think "Israel" I think very arid, dry weather. Your folks must really water alot.

Hey folks, thanks for the replies.
Kreaky, I managed to serve Tiki drinks to my family members, but they never drank enough to be really exposed to the power.

The Monitors - the Moai is made out of plaster over a wire frame...I wish I could carve something like that, but I have never carved anything, yet. BTW - moving to San Diego.

BK & floratina - I'm still here...until October 27th, and the Mai Kai rules (had the pleasure to go there on our honeymoon/tiki quest)

Gecko - someday, after I get my feet on the ground, I'll go visit Hawaii with the wahine...until then, I hope your next visit to the mainland isn't too far, so we could meet sometime.

Bong - My parents do water on a daily basis, but Israel is not as dry as you think. Well, we have a desert, but where I live now is on the coastal plane which is somewhat like So-Cal, but maybe a little more humid, with more rain in the winter.

I need to take some pics at night with the torches lit and maybe the spot lights on, too.
I wanna try make some more Moais when I move, that one was my first ever statue project, and it was quite fun.


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