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Greetings from New Tiki Central member

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Hey there,
Just wanted to say Hello. Glad to be here. I'm a new member by way of Oceanside, CA.


The member so nice, he introduced himself twice....welcome to tiki central!

Welcome aboard!



How'z it?

GECKO posted on Fri, Sep 26, 2003 3:31 PM

alright O'side. Welcome to da canoe. Al&Shelly are members from O'side too.

enjoy and Aloha

I've been recruiting.

I had the pleasure of inviting Bamboo Bob to my lounge a few days ago. We had "Pieces of Eight" from the Grog Log, did a little mug show and tell, and I explained Tiki Central to him. Real nice guy. Bamboo Bob only lives about a mile from me.

Welcome aboard BB

Bamboo Bob, quite an original name I might add...

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