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Primitiva "A Tribute to Martin Denny"

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Hey, Anyone on this list going to Hawaii next weekend for this once in a lifetime event? Information can be found either at http://www.dontiki.com or http://www.hawaiitheatre.com I can't believe I am able to go to this event and am still shaking as I write this.


Wow. We'll be there, too, Jeff. Look us up. We are Al and Shelley FI & F2 at the theatre. We will be staying in Waikiki for the week at the Ohana Maile Sky Court. (Knepper) We will have the Gecko and entourage in tow. Aloha, Shelley

WOW! That's great. I am sitting in the same row as you guys Row F. I am not sure of the seat number but we will be sitting basically right next to each other. I remember you guys from the Hukilau event. What a blast. It will be great to see you guys again. Especially for such a major event. See you soon!


Very cool! See ya on Sat. if not before! Look us up in Waikiki!

I will see you on Saturday at the pre-show. You did get the VIP tickets right? I fly in on Friday night and have to leave on Sunday night so it will be a very quick trip for me unfortunatly. I am staying at the Ocean Resort Hotel in Waikiki by the way for both nights. This is going to be so much fun.


Yeah, VIP all the way on this gig. This kinda thing is not going to happen again anytime soon! So sure, we'll see ya there!


see ya wen you get here!


WOW!! This event was nothing less than pure exotica magic. From the opening theme song with an exotic dancer raising from the floor with a giant tiki on her head this was one of the most memorable experiences in my life. I truly mean that! Don Tiki's first set included some of their best known tracks while the second set was all Martin Denny cover tunes. Totally magic with the Don Tiki dancers who were so gorgeous they turned Shelly gay. Then to top the evening off the brought out Martin Denny, Augie Colon and Harold Chang and played a killer version of Denny's best known hit "Quiet Village". It brought tears to my eyes, literally. Right Shelly? Even Augie shed a few tears while he was playing. It was truly an awe inspiring magical moment that will not be topped in my lifetime. It was so great to hang out with Al, Shelly and Gecko. You guys are truly friends in the tiki spirit and I hope to return again to the islands next year. Thanks again for everything. You guys are the best! Mahalo, Jeff


Sounds incredible! I sure hope the video recording comes out on DVD soon! Anybody heard about posters? Are there any around for sale?

I heard that Lloyd Kendall aka Fluid Floyd was going to sell the remaining posters probably from his website at http://www.dontiki.com or maybe even eBay. I haven't seen anything about it lately though. Everyone is probably still recouperating from this incredible once in a lifetime event. I know I am.

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