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Stolen tikis in UK

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I recently moved to England and brought two large tiki log figures with me that I carved myself. They were nicked (stolen) from my house near Otley, Yorkshire in May, 2003.

One is about 3.5 feet tall and 15" or so in diameter, is a "head only" figure, is stained an orangish color with black trim, and has some wood rot on the back side. The other is a female "head and hands" tiki about 2 feet tall and 10" diameter, with some deep radial cracks in the wood, finished with a greyish stain.

If anyone in the UK spots these tikis, please let me know, I'd sure like to get them back if possible. If someone bought them at a car boot (flea market) please understand that they were stolen!

UK tiki aficianados, thanks for you help!

Les Taboo aka [email protected]

GECKO posted on Mon, Sep 29, 2003 3:33 PM

dat sucks! been there done dat. Da mainland is where it wen happend to me. Lotsa dat going on in Calli. gonna have to start putting viper alarms on these carvings.

hope ya get'em back.

They were nicked (stolen) from my house near Otley, Yorkshire in May, 2003.
Death to the nickers!

Oops, scratch that... I mean, death to the robbers! (Sorry to hear of the theft, seriously. Hope they are found soon!

Sounds like a case for the MI-5 or possibly MI-6 if it crossed foriegn waters. Sorry about your tiki. I hope our British tikiphiles pull through and find it.

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