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http://www.tikijungle.com The "Palmwood Tikis" page is dedicated exclusively to Bosko's poles. The very large tikis on the "Tikis,Etc." page were carved by myself. On the "Landscapes" page you'll find a few images of waterscapes that I've installed. If you have a pond or a pool,......you NEED a tiki.
Bosko's site is located at http://www.tikibosko.com
Coming soon I hope to feature another carver's work on my site. Thanks for looking.

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Bad Hair Day

SES posted on Thu, Oct 2, 2003 3:37 AM

Hah! Reminds me of Don King as a tiki.

[ Edited by: susane on 2004-01-20 06:40 ]

hmm, Don King after his boxer lost.

This next one, "The Bastard" was on the "Carving Post" also. Although I have recently cut off the nostrils and burnt it again. Strange looking. The drawing for it looks nothing like the carving. Oh well. I want to try my hand at a Marquesan I'll try to be patient.....hammer and chisel.....maybe.

Wao Nahele Kalepa Kumula'au Hale

[ Edited by: Jungle Trader on 2004-09-12 11:57 ]

Here's a burnt-style Mr. Bali Hai
For personal use only. We'll share a mai tai, cook up some buttocks and wash it down with more mai tai's and oysters on the half shell.

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i love that mr. bali hi! dats just great.

GECKO posted on Wed, Oct 15, 2003 1:00 AM

jungle howzit my man! I just got the pic today from BK so, I'll get it signed and sent out to you.

cool web site. I haven't even had the time to work on my site. Eh is that Maori tiki for sale? I'de like to buy'em back!

Hey Thanks tikitony. I appreciate that.
Gecko, you can't be serious about buying it back. It's fine right here, although it's starting to show little tiny cracks. I'll be looking for that pic. Thank you!

I can't believe I just sold "The Bastard" today. Ugly is in the eye of the beholder and I thought it was ugly but the people that bought it, really liked it. I think I'll start carving again.

You should have never stopped , you jerk! So you are coming down? Sam's again! The Bastard is my favorite one.

[ Edited by: thechikitiki on 2004-01-22 21:46 ]

Your chittin' me Chiki? Really?

I had to postpone the Feb. trip. But I'm looking at March now.
Maybe the OC Crawl and my arrival will coincide. That would be cool.

Yeah JT, The Bastard was my favorite one too. It was different and not like "all the rest." Think you can duplicate it? I'll send you a PM, maybe we can work out a trade.

You're on Poly Pop

Here's an image of my work

Now back to mai tai wishes and calamari dreams.

[ Edited by: jungletrader on 2004-02-01 15:16 ]

[ Edited by: jungletrader on 2004-02-01 15:16 ]


Jungltrader, Nice work man,don't stop you are just gett'n good, Next comes better and better,
I like your frame of mind for pool waterscapes.One tiki does not make a pool tropical, 59 and tropical plants do along with any other carved goodies you can fit in.
You got it, go withit.
We want to see MORE....

[ Edited by: Benzart on 2004-02-16 19:19 ]

The short one on the left is an Islander. It needs a little more detail work, then sand, burn, and stain. I painted both ends with an exterior primer, hopefully it will stop cracking.
The one on the right is for Polynesian Pop if he wants it, still needs sanding, burning and staining also. Hey Pop, if you want I'll cut off the goatee. It should be attached to the bottom lip. My bad, next time better.

They both will be easier to see once they're burnt and stained. The Islander is 2'-5" tall and The Bastard2 is 3'-9" tall. 150 clams or trade for the Bastard.

Now back to my crow.

[ Edited by: jungletrader on 2004-02-16 18:19 ]

On 2004-02-16 18:14, jungletrader wrote:
The one on the right is for Polynesian Pop if he wants it, still needs sanding, burning and staining also. Hey Pop, if you want I'll cut off the goatee. It should be attached to the bottom lip.

Sweet! JT, no need to cut off the Goat - looks ok to me. I'll send you a PM for the details. Burned & Stained? Can't wait to see the finished product!!

Aaah! That's YOUR website! Makes perfect sense now. Found it through a search engine some time ago and been droolin' over those tikis ever since. Nice work - I love your pond and that Mr. Bali Hai is awesome.

Thanks Polynesiac. I'm having fun, just wish I had more time to carve.

Here is the final Bastard2 for Polynesian Pop.
He was hesitant to be photographed but I offered him a poodle for lunch and he immediately stopped his shenanigans and struck this pose.

Now back to my crow.

[ Edited by: jungletrader on 2004-03-01 18:06 ]

Now back to my crow.

[ Edited by: jungletrader on 2004-03-04 22:23 ]

I don't think I'm going to burn redwood poles anymore, I think it covers up the beauty of the grain, so I sanded this handsome fellow down again and gave him a decent manicure then slapped 3 coats of marine varnish on him.
Ladies....he's looking dapper and he's ready for a night out on the town.

I was considering cutting the top bark off and fastening a pad there to make him a bar stool. What do you think? Leave it?

Now back to my crow.

[ Edited by: jungletrader on 2004-03-11 19:58 ]

SES posted on Wed, Mar 10, 2004 6:53 PM

I like it the way it is!

I like it the way you portray it!
Keep it up!!

Thanks for the feedback Susane and Unga Bunga!! See you in Santa Cruz U.B. Somebody tell CruzinTiki I'm headed that way.

I like the look of the marine varnish on him. Do you put marine varnish on every tiki that may live outside?
I've been putting Thompsons water seal on a few of mine and it comes out sticky, and doesn't even seem to protect it all that well.
If I may add my $.02...I think you should leave the tiki the way it is. A bar stool would be cool, don't get me wrong, but I think his hat adds a lot of character. Keep posting your stuff for us - I really dig your style!

Okay the consensus is....leave it the way it is.
Thanks Polynesiac, this is the first one with the marine varnish. I like the kinder, gentler style of tikis..........your style kicks too. You carve the tongue real well on your creations.

Now back to my crow.

[ Edited by: jungletrader on 2004-03-11 22:00 ]

Here's my latest creations. They are standing guard at Whanga Rei in case you haven't seen them in the "Locating Tiki" forum

Wao Nahele Kalepa Kumula'au Hale

[ Edited by: Jungle Trader on 2004-07-22 21:41 ]

AWESOME! JT's back carvin'!

THese guys look great - I can't wait to see them in person. Are you carving some for the inside too? How tall are these guys?

okay I just checked the locating tiki forum and found out that had I simply looked first, my question was answered...they're 10 footers - nice job!

"Hey, at least I'm housebroken."

[ Edited by: Polynesiac on 2004-07-22 21:53 ]

[ Edited by: Polynesiac on 2004-07-22 21:54 ]

Polynesiac, yes I'll be carving for the inside also. These are 10 ft. tall. This job is on going for quite a while, it's really a dream come true. It could last for a year. The hardest part will be finding dead palmwood that is at the right stage for carving, not too wet and before the bugs get to it. There's 6 more 10 footers ready for me. A carver's delight.


You must be in Hog Heaven. Those look realy good JT, I guess this is why we haven't seen much from you for awhile. Keep postin the pix.
Another good source for Palms..Golf courses.When their palms start to look bad they trash them and I guarrantee every course has a trash pile by their maint bldgs and they would love to have you take the palms. Check it out.

The latest for Whanga Rei Bar & Grill

His right arm was hit by a car when he was laying down for a nap, it also damaged his mouth area. Drunks probably thought it was a parking barrier and tried to run over him. I had to cut a new arm and attach it with screws.
BTW, all the tikis outside are for sale, and inside all but 2.


Jungle doctor, That is the BEST one yet. Is that the one I helped you with? It must be because it is just Too dam good. hahahaha
Seriously, this one is very good, and the patch job is very good. I'm sure Any Tiki Doctor would be proud of this guy.

JT...ever resourceful. It looks great - I love the contrast, very nice job.

You should find that "don't tip the tiki sign" (or whatever it was) that's floating around on TC to warn other drunks...

"Hey, at least I'm housebroken."

[ Edited by: Polynesiac on 2004-08-15 16:22 ]

Thanks guys.
He had knees and feet too but one was damaged in the accident, so I cut them both off.

jt. this is your best work to date!!! keep it up bruddah. i can't wait to see it in person.

[ Edited by: the drunken hat on 2004-08-16 13:43 ]

Nice, JT. I love seeing the progression - they just got better and better. I hope mine go the same way. That last one blows away all of the predecessors. Not that they were lacking... But really, this last one is "Da Kine". Post more to keep us inspired!

Hey DR JungleTrader,
You did such a amazing job on that tiki I was wondering do you make house calls? I have a hangnail I need removed. Can you help a braddah out?


Hey chongo, I WANT to fix your HangNail, I got the tools.
Raffertiki, the patch job looks even better after you explained the extent of damage. I can see the outline of where the legs and feet were. Too badthe careless driver did that to your masterpiece. I'm sure the next one willbe even Better yet.

That last one is crazy JT!
I love it.
Can't wait to come up there and check them out in person.

Thanks again everybody.
Hey Aaron's Akua, you're right though about progression, evolution. Practice really does pay off. practice, practice, practice, carve, carve, carve. I get more confident everyday and the work gets better. And honestly I do appreciate constructive criticism, it helps me look at it differently. The hardest thing is getting a 3 dimensional look. It's easy carving flat. I'd like to get to a point where I'm using the entire piece, not just the top few inches. practice, practice, practice. cut deep, go deep.

JT - I think you're right, gotta go deep. I get only about 2 or so hours of carving time a week, so I've got plenty of time to ponder this stuff. The tiki gods have frowned upon me and burdened me with a mortgage to pay, yard work, and taking care of my lovely wife who "conveniently" broke her leg so I would have to do all of the chores.

Where the heck is Turlock, anyway?

Aaron's Akua, Turlock is 1 1/2 hr. drive directly east of San Fran Cisco. I remember Rancho Santa Margarita. Near Escape Country? I remember taking pics of a wet t-shirt contest down there back in the daze. 1 girl didn't want to lose....she took it all off....and won. Still have the pics.

Here's 2 more I just finished. Tikicleen and Drunken Hat have a new addition to their family. Happy Bithday Cleen.

Wao Nahele Kalepa Kumula'au Hale

[ Edited by: Jungle Trader on 2004-08-20 21:11 ]


those last three are looking really good, its unfortate that the one guy became of vivtum of a drunk hit and run.

you better keep these 2 new ones away from those drunk tiki maimers. In my mind hitting a tiki with a car show but a federal offense.

My newest. This is a limited edition of 1, bidding starts at 2000 clams. If you come to the Central Valley Mini Crawl...you'll get to touch The Beast.

Woah! JT! These last two are AWESOME! Very good stuff

wish I had the 2000 clams...wait...I live by the beach...let me get back to you...bean clams okay?

"Hey, at least I'm housebroken."

[ Edited by: Polynesiac on 2004-09-10 19:26 ]


[ Edited by: TNTiki on 2004-11-06 16:18 ]

Dammit! And I only have oysters. Crap!

Rancho Santa Margarita is way down south behind the "Orange Curtain". The inland side of Mission Viejo, South of Disneyland. Never heard of Escape Country and the closest titty bar is "Captain Cream's" in Lake Forest. Not that I spend a lot of time there.

On 2004-08-20 21:10, Jungle Trader wrote:
she took it all off....and won. Still have the pics.


Anyway, JT, that tiki's pretty cool, & I love the pics.

Real nice work. Keep carvin'.

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