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Seattle event: Wednesday, October 29 @ 'Ohana!

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Hey there fellow Seattles & other northwesterners:

Who would be interested in a get-together of some sort this month? My last day here in Seattle is Nov. 3, so this is my final opportunity to get together with local TCers (many of whom I still haven't met!).

There's Luau, 'Ohana, The Islander, and who knows what home bars are lurking out there.... We shouldn't let our area's lack of tiki hold us back from getting together -- hell, we can bring our own tikis to Leilani Lanes and dream about what could be. Ideas?

'Ohana on Wed. 10/29, 6pm, then the Islander later on

So far:

Selector Lopaka

The best tiki bar is the one that's within stumbling distance of your bed
The Humuhumu Room

[ Edited by: Humuhumu on 2003-10-16 22:18 ]


Hummu, I'm in!
It's a busy month for me though, so we's best start the planning soon! Maybe we can get together this weekend, and make a schedule or something...

Hey Humu,

Are you finally moving to So Cali?


Yup! I should arrive in Southern California around the 5th or 6th of November. Ultimately, I'll be living near Pasadena (looks like I'll be working at Caltech).

I'm terrified, but in a good way. I grew up in Seattle, I haven't done the move-to-a-new-town thing before.

On 2003-09-30 16:46, Humuhumu wrote:
Yup! I should arrive in Southern California around the 5th or 6th of November.

I'm terrified, but in a good way. I grew up in Seattle, I haven't done the move-to-a-new-town thing before.


Don't worry. Seattle is just like Pasadena, except for the differences...

In Nov. i'm moving from Long Beach to Seattle. I have a feeling that i'll be back in less than 2 years.


On 2003-09-30 20:05, tiki-riviera wrote:
In Nov. i'm moving from Long Beach to Seattle. I have a feeling that i'll be back in less than 2 years.

What a shame that we'll be just missing each other! If there's some overlap between my arrival and your departure, I'd be more than happy to give you the Seattle run-down.

OK -- back to the event: I met with puamana & Selector Lopaka last night (as we do every Tuesday at Thaiku for Selector Lopaka's Lounge, Exotica tunes -- little plug there), and we figured that it would be best to determine the when before we concern ourselves with the where. So I pose to you these queries:

  1. What days of the week are available/unavailable for you?

  2. Do you prefer a weekday or a weekend?

  3. What's your schedule look like for the month of October?

Once we get a day picked, we'll arrange a place. We're thinking we'll keep it simple this time out, and not try to attempt a crawl, just hit one spot (okay, maybe two).

I'll start:

  1. Tuesdays are out for me, because I'm at Thaiku. Other days are fine.

  2. I have no personal preference between weekday or weekend, I just want to make sure as many people as possible can make it.

  3. Sun Oct 26 is out, Thu Oct 30 is out, other days are currently available. I would probably lean towards something later in the month, but only in the interest of giving people enough advance notice.


I'm good anytime except
oct. 11,19,25,31
I just need to know what night it will be at least 1 week ahead of time so I can make sure I don't get scheduled at work.
Early weeknights work for me.
Weekends are good too.
Thursdays Oct 17 or 30 would be good
because I don't work the following friday mornings.


tiki riv,
be sure to let us know when ya git up here.
Maybe we can do another lil mini-crawl when ya arrive.

(humuhumu - i'm so sorry i didn't get back to you when you were in town)

looks ,like lushy is providing a setting for seattlites this weekend...

Lushy CD Release Party - Oct. 4th!
No cover charge!
Starts at 8:30 P.M.
Come one come all!

We're having a party to celebrate the summer release of our self-titled CD on
Dionysus Records. Hop aboard with us at Andy's Diner on Saturday the 4th of October.
Begins at 8:30 - No cover charge!

What? You don't know about Andy's Diner?! It's one of those wonderful, old-school
Seattle institutions that get rarer with each passing year. We've got a special
train car, the Round House, set aside just for us. This is one of those places that
makes Seattle fun. Come wander around in the maze of train cars that make up this
restaurant and spend an evening getting lost with Lushy!

Andy's Diner is located at 2963 Fourth Ave. S., 206-624-4097
Visit us on the web at http://www.lushy.com
the Sound of Tomorrow, Today!

Andy, Annabella, Brad, Matt


Humuhumu, I forgot to ask you if you were going to Andy's Diner on Saturday to see Lushy. Hopefully we'll see you there. Anybody else from TC going ?

The dates that are out for us for a get together are 10/18, possibly the weekend of 10/25, and Tuesdays.


No worries, Futura Girl, and thanks for the reminder about the Lushy show! I'd wanted to go, but I'd forgotten all about it. I'll see you there, puamana!


Hmmm, maybe I will see you
two on Saturday night!
Sounds like fun, haven't been to Andy's in YEARS, been craving some uber-greasey food, and it's close to home.


Lushy was so fabulous last night; they sounded absolutely fantastic in that space. They've been getting airplay on the best radio station in the universe, KEXP. Regarding Andy's Diner... how on earth did I not know about this place? It's so... jeez, I don't even know how to describe it. I can't wait to go back and have dinner. It's so old-school that the bartender only wanted my first name when I said I wanted to start a tab, she said she didn't need my credit card.

So, now that we've gotten a bit of feedback on dates, I'm going to put one forward: how about Wednesday, Oct. 29? This date has a couple advantages: one is that on Wednesdays at 'Ohana, they have "Live Island Music." I don't know exactly what that means, but it's gotta be a huge improvement over the "Funk House," "Down Beats" and "DJ Sexy Satomi" they have happening on other nights. The other advantage is that if we can do it that night, we'll have a Very! Special! Visitor! in the form of James Teitelbaum! Yee haw!

Whaddya say? Shall we congregate at 'Ohana on Wednesday, October 29? I would suggest we try to get there earlier rather than later, in case the wacky neighborhood kids pile in and make it uncomfortably crowded. Gimme a roll call so I can make reservations when the time comes.

[Roll call moved to top post]

The best tiki bar is the one that's within stumbling distance of your bed
The Humuhumu Room

[ Edited by: Humuhumu on 2003-10-16 00:34 ]


Andy's Diner: I was there with friends for lunch a couple years back and there were quite a few older businessmen in the restaurant. It was about 11:45 and there was no food on their tables. They were all making small talk, biding their time. At the bar the bartender wasn't mixing any drinks, just sort of standing at attention. At 12 noon sharp the old businessmen placed their drink orders and the bartender got busy. I assumed waiting til noon to drink proved to themselves that they weren't alcoholics.

[ Edited by: woofmutt on 2003-10-11 00:37 ]


Your story about Andy's Diner fits perfectly with what I saw. It's a real classic.

I'd be willing to consider the Islander, but I have to admit I prefer 'Ohana. My experiences there lately with the drinks & food have been pretty darned good, the only downside being the bad music; I was hopeful that the live music would take care of that. I've been kinda unimpressed so far with the Islander, but I haven't really given it a good try yet.

What would everyone else's preference be?


That date works...
Haven't been to either places.
and If I gotta go downtown and find a parking spot, you may never see me. UGh.
Anyone in favor of Luau?
Dammit, why can't we have a Trader Vics here still...poooooh


Huh-? A sign from the Tiki Gods? As I was typing this an ad for the Islander came on TV! And TV has the same initials as Trader Vics...Speaking of which: Yes, Miss 'Pea, I too dream of Vic's (and hang my head in sadness when walking past the Westin). But I wish we even had a decent downtown old Chinese restaurant that hasn't been modernized. Something swell like the China Doll in Everett or the Red Lotus in Auburn. Something with out mauve vinyl.

[ Edited by: woofmutt on 2003-10-11 00:39 ]


Whhhhheeeee, back to the top with this thread! I'll go to either...hmmmm,
I dont' think they are stumbling distance are they... What's say we meet at one, have a drinkie pooh, hail a cab and go to the other? Anyone? heeheehehehe

Actually they are stumbling distance from each other (5 or 6 blocks, I thinks). But for this set Ohana is probably the place to go. It's dark and cluttered with stuff and it has more of that olde timey Tiki feel. Their bar is swell looking, and if you sit at the very back it almost sort of kind of feels like being somewhere cool (like the Alibi). I'd guess most Centralites would find the Islander disappointing...It's sort of "Polynesian nice".

Okay, what's say we go to Ohana, and those of us that wanna go to the Islander (*I DO *I DO!) go down that way after Ohana...Should this be a meet after work early kinda gig?
I git off at 5 pm, and could be there by 5:30-6 ish?
everyone else????????????

I like Miss 'Pea's idea as I won't be joining the party until 7-ishtic so I could completely miss the Ohana part! [evil laughter]
In all seriousness (well, mostly all seriousness, that's the best I can ever do) I propose that you gals in the Tiki Central Seattle Chapter Ladies Auxiliary finalize things then tell the rest of us where to be and when and how big to smile.

Puamana, Selector Lopaka & I went to the Islander for dinner on Saturday, and while it's nice & all, we all agreed that we like 'Ohana better -- it's just more cluttered & tiki. The Islander has a much more clean, modern Hawaii feel to it (it does have a few tikis, though, and it's worth checking out for those of you who haven't already). We like the food & drinks better at 'Ohana, too.

Of course, it feels a bit like splitting hairs -- neither of them holds a candle to places like The Alibi. It'll have to happen after I'm gone, but I think all the Seattlites should arrange a one-day road trip to The Alibi! I bet you could talk mrtikibar & TikiMaxton into showing off their kick-ass home bars, too. But I digress...

How does 6pm at 'Ohana sound?


'Ohana on Wednesday, October 29 sounds good to me.
Although I am sad that you are leaving. Since meeting last Spring in San Francisco we only had the one chance to hang out. It was great meeting up with you and your friends that night.
Well we'll have to make this a night out to remember. I'll see you at Ohana's.


Keen! We're going to have a pretty darned good group! Keigs, would you be able to make it down for a night on the town? How about the Vancouver contingent??

woofmutt: I think that puamana & Selector Lopaka found an old-time Chinese restaurant in the Int'l District, but it's not totally open? I don't remember the details of their story, maybe puamana can elaborate. If you can't bear the thought of hanging out with us at 'Ohana, I can call you when we're headed over to the Islander so you can meet up with us there. It probably won't be until after dinner, though.


Thanks to the very thoughtful Humuhumu, (who kindly emailed me about this event BEFORE it happened), I will be able to attend my first-ever Tiki Central get together! wheeeeee!

Only 13 days to go... :) :) :)


I think I know of that restaurant in China Town. It's been closed for years (with some sort of warning from the city slapped on it...Maybe toxic MSG levels?). I've wondered if it's time capsule pefect inside.*

Anyways, I hope to meet at Ohana to party hardy with reggae music and Jello shots...Plus I think Wednesdays they have the wet t-shirt contest, so you ladies dress appropriately (I hear they spray you down with beer!).

*Speaking of old Chinese places...Has anyone been to Perry Ko's South China on Beacon Hill? A swell exterior, I've never made it inside and learned recently it's closing at the end of the month (I bus, otherwise I'd pop up there and look around).


...Plus I think Wednesdays they have the wet t-shirt contest, so you ladies dress appropriately (I hear they spray you down with beer!). >>

I am 100% sure I won't be participating in this contest, but I will be fully supportive of anyone who wants to partake in this activity--this includes Woofmutt and Gramps! :wink:


I once said that I would NEVER enter one of those contests. Well, a couple hours and a bottle of Night Train later, heehee, guess who won the contest...
Exoticat! Can't wait to meet ya!


uhhhhhhhhhhhhh, so maybe that was a wee bit too much information...
Can't wait to see y'all on Wed. I may be bringing a fellow tikiphile.
Cross yer fingers.


The more the merrier! I'm hoping some lurkers may come out of the woodwork to come play with us. You hear that lurkers? You're officially invited. Feel free to use this as your impetus to delurk.

Woofmutt, I was clear that we're meeting at 'Ohana & not Tiki Bob's Cantina, yes?

On the subject of finding oneself engaging in trashy bar activities despite many protests that such a thing would never happen, I submit the following from last Thursday:

Classy, no. Worth experiencing at least once? Hell yes. (My arm is still killing me.)

p.s -- There's some slack-key guy named Makana playing for free tonight at Liquid Lounge at 8:30. Don't know if he's any good, I suspect it's more modern stuff which I tend to like less than the traditional stuff, but I'm going to check it out.

The best tiki bar is the one that's within stumbling distance of your bed
The Humuhumu Room

[ Edited by: Humuhumu on 2003-10-20 16:42 ]


Wow! I'm putting you at the top of the list as our candidate then, Pea! I did some mini research on the people on our list and would like to extend the wet t-shirt contest to James and Selector Lopaka as well!

I will eventually need to learn everyone's first names. This could be worth knowing (for someone not in the know). You can call me Sandra, or if feeling more intimate, Riff. :)

[ Edited by: exoticat on 2003-10-20 20:45 ]


Great pic!!!! *::: sliding HumuHumu into #2 position behind Pea ::: *

I did that once years ago--wish I had a pic--it was a blast! Did it back in the days when the Urban Cowboy soundtrack was big (and still on 8 track) and we were in a bar somewhere in either Eastern WA or Idaho...


Puamana is all wo-man! Re: names -- I suspect that sweetpea's own mother has probably forgotten her real name, and when I'm at a tiki event, it's Humuhumu all the way (and say it like you mean it).


Yup, I am the Pea all the way.
YAY, I'm still #1, but my friend with the Photos promised NEVER to actually print them on paper, so I should be somewhat safe. heehee.
Humu, was that in Fremont? at the Ballroom, or whatever it's called? I was considering going... Every year in Vegas we go to Gilleys, and I start drinkin,and threaten to ride that dern Bull, but I've always been too much of a chicken. Plus I'm always in a skirt, and if I go flyin, I might show everyone my drawers...(although, I've already shown the top part, hmmmmmmmmm.)
NO TIKI BOBS! hahahahahahha at least I know that much!
How about LUAU!?
oh wait, this means I'll be gettin way too hammered on a schoolnight...
We are meeting at 6 pm, right?
I'll see you kids there!


Pea, those pics are darling! They belong on your Friendster profile. Yah, that was at Ballroom -- chock full o' meatheads as usual, but I'd never seen a mechanical bull, and it's just a few block from my place, so I figured what the heck. You should totally do it in Vegas, tho. But do arm stretches first!!!!

Okay, this soooooooooooooooooooo
needed to come back up to the top, cause it's just a few days away. Oh, and Pea has been drinkin. yeah, 80's theme wedding I just got back from... Yup, my friends and I are officially the OLD PEOPLE THAT CANT DANCE, ya know the ones I mad fun of when I was in my 20's . argh. Gimme partner dancin, I can do it, swing, waltz, salsa, but put on some Depece Mode, or Tones on Tail or Yaz... and try and dance the way ya used to? FUGGGGGIDABOUTIT...
See ya'll WEd....


Okay, so I'm not positive I'm gonna make it tomorrow. I was very excited about it, and normally I'm not a canceller.... however, my kitty (my child) that I've had for 14 years is very sick. been in the kitty hospital since friday. I'm taking him home today at lunchtime, and makin him as comfy as possible, but the vet thinks he's NOT gonna git any better. I plan on being with him as much as possible, so if ya dont' see me, that's why. I may try to stop by for a quickie drinkie ( I may need it...) but I probably won't be up for the whole nights festivities. Fooooooooooooooooooey.


Bad news about the cat, and bad news about you not being there as I was planning on recognizing you so I'd know who the crowd was...Unless Humuhumu is bringing her mechanical bull...


woof, what time were you planning on getting there. I may make if from 6-7 or something, just don't wanna stay out late.

On 2003-10-20 17:03, Exoticat wrote:
and would like to extend the wet t-shirt contest to James and Selector Lopaka as well!

Hey Cat, I haven't read this thread at all until tonight - I have been in Cleveland and then Nashville and then Mississippi, and now Seattle on sundry errands of work and play and family stuff... thanks for the invite to get my wifebeater wet, but I gurantee you you don't want to see my breasteses all soggy and stuff. It's bad enough when I spill Zombie all over my bad self. Frankly,I've been on stage enouh this summer. Can I be a judge instead? I have my own little cards with numbers on them and everything.

SWEETPEA!! You must go! I'm driving 60 miles just to meet you! :)

Sorry about your kitty. I have two so know how you feel. The second cat just showed up here about a year ago, realized it could have its own lounge chair in the backyard and never left. ha

I've had a picture of her uploaded for over a year...let me find it:

(p.s. All Huskies reading this, please ignore the Husky tattoo on the mouse in her mouth)... snerk

I got her a WSU collar a month ago because she's that lovely shade of gray and needed a little crimson.

Well, it's too soon for me to be The Boss Of You since we haven't met, soooo...ok. heh heh heh

I keep getting sidetracked. I came to this thread to mention that I have a girlfriend that is going to join us around 8:00ish or so. She may bring her hubby too, but we'll have to wait and see if he makes it or not. She's going to wear a tiki dress and really wants to meet the Tiki people!

Well, I'll be seeing you all VERY SOON!!


I'll be there. I NEEEEEED a drink.
not gonna be fancied up, just a hawaiian shirt. Didn't sleep last night. Stayed up with the kitty, but sadly he went to the vet this morning, and now resides where the catnip is plentiful, and the litter box is always clean.


Let me be the first one to post and say thanks to everyone for a really great time at OHANA on Wednesday night! We all enjoyed good food and drinks, and most importantly, great company! Thanks for making me and my friend (Modkitty) feel so welcome. I'm sure we'll all be doing something again soon! Meanwhile, here's a group shot. Sweetpea is missing from this pic--she had to leave early.

Modkitty and I had to head home after Ohana, so I hope someone gives me the scoop on the rest of the evening and the fun shared at The Islander. Mahalo.

p.s. I hope the Southern Cal Hoity Toitys take good care of our Humuhumu...we will miss her!!

[ Edited by: exoticat on 2003-10-30 01:47 ]


More pics!

The lovely Humuhumu shows Gramps her great photos as he moves in close

Gramps moves in close (sensing a pattern here) for a photo op with Exoticat and Modkitty

Gramps too far away to move in close to Tikibars

Puamana (right) smiles as Selector Lopaka tells Gramps..."fugghetaboutit"

If you look closely, it says SWEETPEA on her jacket!


If anyone doesn't want their picture up for any reason, email me and I'll remove it as soon as I can. I think they're all good photos though. :)

YAY, it was sooooo great to meet Exoticat and Tikibars, and to see the rest of you kids again. I'm SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO glad I went out for a while, but I'm sorry I wasn't being the best TC'r as could be.
Guess I gotta start getting to Ballard on Tuesday nights more often!
WOOF, did you make it to the Islander?
Sorry I didnt. DRAT.
and the food and drinks at Ohana were pretty tasty! yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, rummmmmmmmmmmm

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