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Art show - Toyroom Gallery (Sacramento) - Tiki Art and more!

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The Toyroom Gallery will display art by 6 San Diego artists - including tiki art by Scott Saw, Mary Fleener, and Charles Glaubitz. Check the offical show site here: http://www.scottsaw.com/symptoms .

There will be over 250 original works of art for under $300!!! Come to the show if you can - it's worth a road trip from the Bay Area.

The show will take place on October 16, 17, 18 at the Toyroom Gallery in Sacramento.


I could only find one tiki on the website.
I take it there will be more?

Yes.... there's more tiki art. The show site represents only a small sample of the work available at the show.

There is an AMAZING! tiki painting by Charles Glaubitz - I wish I had a photo to share - you will just have to go to the show to see it - there is no doubt that it will sell.

I will show several original tiki paintings and silk screen prints - Including this original: http://www.scottsaw.com/paintings_attack.html
that this movie poster was made from: http://www.sawbladedesign.com/print_attack_poster.html . It will be that painting's first showing and I will be offering it for only $800 with a killer frame!

Mary Fleener will be selling some great affordable tiki posters based on her tiki comic "Land of the Kookamonga" http://www.maryfleener.com/covers/covers_comic_book_13.htm . One is all all framed up with a nice bamboo frame.

Let me know anyone has any questions,

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