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Oktoberfest Time!!

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I will be in Los Angeles the weekend of Oct. 18 and would love to meet some tiki folk at Alpine Village in Torrance- the place we all went to last year! Dr. Z, Sabu, Sven, Marsha,Floratina, Tikivixen, others? Maybe Saturday afternoon-I have to drive back on Sunday! What was the name of that place?
I'll see if I can squeeze in my special Oktoberfist outfit!!
http://www.Alpinevillage.net _________________
Have a nice Tiki Day!

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I see Sunday is the only afternoon they are open (family day). The hours are Fridays 6:30pm to 1:00 am. Saturday 6:oo pm to 1:00 am. And sunday (all ages) Noon to 7:00 pm.
They have a free admission coupon on the website for Fridays and Sundays. I could do Sunday MAYBE if it was early enough. But Saturday evening would be better. I heard that the 21 and over evening shows have a much more boisterous crowd. What do you think folks-when should it be?


Well, as you saw last year, Herr Smiley, the Sunday afternoon "Family Day" is pretty sleepy... Saturday night is definitely the time to go!! Johnnie & Lady Velour, Sabu, Z-Girl and myself all went opening night this year and had a fine time, but that was at the beginning of September - Oktoberfest doesn't really get hoppin' until - you guessed it - Oktober!! The 18th sounds like a plan - count Z-Girl and I in!! The website only has Friday & Sunday coupons, but I'll see if I can get enough Saturday coupons out of our local papers for any/everyone that wants to go.

FYI - the only beers they serve are Lowenbrau and Alpine Village Hofbrau - neither one is worth getting all excited about on their own, but they work just fine in the environment...

"Sha-la-la la-la la la la - hey! - Vee lof OktoberFIST!"

check out this thread for more discussion...

I've been practicing my yodeling and slap-dancing all year long in anticipation of this event. Oktoberfest is the closest thing us Kalifornians have to New Orlean's Mardi Gras...a big drunken party that lasts all month long! Bring it on.

Those of you attending Oktoberfest need some of these from Archie McPhee!

Somewhere, there's a tiny Bavarian man hopping around with no pants!! These little tiny lederhosen, or "leather pants" in English, will brighten even the grumpiest person's day. Just wind them up, let them go and then shout, "Oh! Meine Lederhosen! Dey haf escaped!" This is one of those products you have to buy just to prove it exists.


artwork by Mr. Smiley


Ok--NEXT Saturday October 18 for Oktoberfest. What time? 6pm, 7, 8 ??? Dr. Z--have you been able to round up Saturday coupons?? WHo is going?---Bruce

Have a nice Tiki Day!

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On 2003-09-30 18:44, mrsmiley wrote:
I will be in Los Angeles the weekend of Oct. 18...

That's not THIS Saturday, it's NEXT Saturday! Hve your plans changed? THIS Saturday is Sabu's wedding, and I assure you, we won't be going to Oktoberfest!

However, if we want to start gathering names for Saturday the 18th,I think that would be a good idea.

Z-Girl and I are in!!


My mistake--I'm in Mexico for a wedding this weekend.

"Ok--NEXT Saturday October 18 for Oktoberfest. What time? 6pm, 7, 8 ??? Dr. Z--have you been able to round up Saturday coupons?? WHo is going?---Bruce"


I wish I could make it, but I have a surprise birthday party for a friend on that night. It will be in that area, so maybe I will be able to stop by.

BTW, shouldn't we be referring to it as Octikifest???


I'm scared of the fisty bag.


I've got about a dozen Saturday passes right now. If we need more, I shouldn't have any problem getting them, so if you're thinking of joining us, post it!!

I'm thinking that meeting outside the entrance at 8:00 should do us well, and hopefully we can sneak Sabu's "Electrolysis" sign in inside someones pants... (Hey - it just isn't Oktoberfest without a carved wooden electrolysis sign, right?)

Evil Mastermind: fear not the fisty bag - fear FISTer Smiley himself!! Come with us and behold him in all his OktoberFIST glory!


I saw a bunch of y'all at various times during the past week and got verbal interest from just about everyone. Well, it's time to put your $$ where your mouth is and commit to coming! (Y'know, by posting, you'll be encouraging other folks to join us - otherwise it just looks like it's just me n' Mr. Smiley) I'll have enough free passes for everyone, so meet us at the front gate at 8:00. I'll be wearing a chicken on my head and I believe Mr. Smiley will be in his, uh, outfit (yes?). We won't be hard to spot!

Just a few days left - time to get this ball a-rollin'!!


i'M traveling 400 miles one way to go to Oktoberfest!!!! I had such a blast last year, I knew I had to come back this year.
Sven, Floratina, Sabu, others ....are you going this Saturday???? Sven was great last year describing the difference between country and city Germans. PLUS-where else can you buy video copies of Heino in concert and TYROL LOVE HOTEL!!! zaaaazzzzzz!

Ouuh, I don't know....I have Germany to the gills right now, having to go back there the end of the month to shoot all November in Berlin. At this point California is an exotic experience for me...then again, what can be more exotic than Germany IN California.


hmmmm, we have Germany in Washington...
I may need to go to lovely Leavenworth
although Octikifest in CA sounds like more fun. I miss Mr Smiley. I wanna see the pics of ya in der Lederhosen, ja?


: Oktoberfest Time!!
Posted by bigbrotiki on 2003-10-14 16:35
" At this point California is an exotic experience for
me...then again, what can be more exotic than Germany IN

darn tootin'---i hear more dirndls this year!!!Everyone,

be there or be...boring?!?!

PS--any motel suggestions in the area--any cities near the Alpine Village to avoid, or look for?

We have something like that here in the North Georgia Mountains called Helen, Ga. Basically an entire fake Alpine village but with thousands of tourists. Went up there with some visiting friends Sunday...drank a lot of Paulaner and ate a lot of big pretzels, Spaetzel, and red cabbage. It vas gut fun.

It looks like I might have free use of my friend's pad near La Brea in L.a. this weekend so I might fly in around 10pm Friday night---anything going on (I'll be too late for Sam's) -anyone going to Trader vICS OR somewhere else Friday night. I'm flying in to LAX and going to take a shuttle to pick up a vehicle where I should be staying? Otherwise, I'll just fly in Sat. morning.
WHO WANTS TO PARTY WITH MR SMILEY FRIDAY NIGHT???? Email my famousness at . Don't be shy!

See you all at The Alpine Village Saturday night--it'll be a blast!!!
And for all the women(like Sweetpea)-please take a picture of how hot I look in my Leiderhosen--even Sven almost "jumped the fence" last year when he saw me!!!!
(Attn. Lawyers-the comment about Sven was intended as a joke and is not intended to infer that Sven would even think of "jumping the fence"). Besides, since I'm straight I wouldn't want to have to break his heart by turning him down. But-you ladies.......

PS-what the heck am I rambling on about?!?BRING ON THE FISTIE BAG!!!!

Mrs. Miley, you crack me up! :lol:
You might want to sprinkle some Ritalin on your sauerbraten, tho'.


Mrs. Miley, you crack me up! :lol:
You might want to sprinkle some Ritalin on your sauerbraten,

---RITALIN MAYBE, Viagra not needed! OOPs-too much information!! :)

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