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Tiki Island Golf report, Orlando, FL

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Still discombobulated from my road trip (and desperately trying to catch up before leaving for Hukilau!!), My wife and I cruised down the gaudy sights of Orlando's International Drive to check out "Tiki Island Golf," the newest tourist magnet on what may well be the most obnoxious strip of road outside of Las Vegas.

Unfortunately, I forgot to take a camera. Idiot!

A giant carved tiki greats visitors into a little gift shop, which stocked a few variaties of Tiki Farm mugs (all $14.95) and tiki magnets, as well as tiki candles and those Archie McPhee Moai. They also had the usual Florida tourist crap.

There were some nice tiki carvings, and the carver's name and phone number were posted in the shop but I didn't write it down. The carvings were all very nice, and I was particularly fond of a cool wooden monkey that hung from a wire.

There are two courses to choose from, so a return visit is definitely in order. The courses are typical of recent mini golf -- lots of bumps and curves, but no moving windmills or anything like that. Both courses are built around a 4 story volcano that actually erupts fire when someone makes a hole in one on the 19th hole! The volcano is surrounded by a moat and you can ride giant pink flamingo paddle boats around it.

There are quite a few tikis throughout the course, all of them looked like they were by the same carver. One hole is in a little cave with a tiny diorama of a fiberglass moai lit from within -- very cool.

The people were friendly and seemed eager to make everyone happy.

Unfortunately, the music selection sucked. Jimmy Buffet, reggae, and bad steel drum versions of Buffet songs blared out of speakers everywhere. Afterwards, I suggested to the guy behind the counter that they play some Denny, Baxter, and Lyman, and he looked at me with a blank expression. I said "you know, exotica music" and he smiled and said "oh yeah, you are right, cause this music is really played out for the area" but didn't seem like he would actually take the suggestion.

I had fun and will definitely be back. I'll bring my camera next time to get some shots.

Overall, a good evening out. I can forgive the bad music (after all, they are right smack in the center of the ultimate tourist trap in the world), and besides -- all miniature golf places I've been to play crappy tunes for some reason.

Check it out if you are in town.


Hey Muggler,
When did you play? We stopped by on Monday night and took a few pictures of our new convertible in front of the flamming volcano. We'll have to make a plan for a tiki tourney...

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