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A lot of celebrities have been passing on to that great tiki bar in the sky lately, but here's one you may not read about in the popular media:

JULIE PARRISH, who passed away suddenly last night after a decade long struggle with cancer. She was only in her early 60s.

You probably know her as one The King's love interests in Elvis's "Paradise Hawaiian Style" (1966) - she's in the dog/helicoptor scene. She appeared in many TV series in the 60s and 70s, including the pilot episode of "Star Trek," and she appeared at many Trekkie and Elvis fan conventions, always gracious and forthcoming with many colorful stories about her Hollywood exploits. In fact, she was the special guest of honor at Graceland during "Death Week" in Memphis this past August. She was most recently seen as the girlfriend of the guy who owned the diner on "Beverly Hills 90210".

Personally, I knew her for years as a very dear friend and truly terrific lady, vivacious, talented, warm, passionate, funny, one of a kind.

So next time you're in your local tiki bar, please raise a Mai Tai to the memory of Julie Parrish. Even if you didn't know her personally, or don't know her from her work, she is worth paying tribute to. The world is a sadder place without her, but Heaven is now Paradise, Julie style.

Aloha, my sweet friend.

Oh, for those interested, you can find complete info on Julie's career here:

She would've been 63 on October 21.

Another tiki connection - I actually met her over ten years ago when she graciously agreed to appear at an Elvis party we threw at the Temple Bar in Berkeley, where she sang a whole set of country tunes. She was good friends with my stepmom Anne Helm ("Follow That Dream"), who set it up for us, but Julie and I hit it off right away and became fast friends. I will miss her deeply.

SES posted on Thu, Oct 2, 2003 12:43 PM

Sorry you lost a friend. I remember her in Star Trek.
She has a website.

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Klas posted on Thu, Oct 2, 2003 7:23 PM

I remember her from the 'Paradise Hawaiian Style' chaotic helicopter scene.


Thanks Aquazombie, for gifting us that wonderful still from "Paradise,Hawaiian Style"- signed by Julie Parish.
It enjoys pride and place in the Conga Lounge.

Our condolences for losing a dear friend...

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