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Has anyone been to Kahuna's @ Treasure Island in Vegas?

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I'm going to Las Vegas next month and I noticed that there is a new resturant at Treasure Island, named Kahuna's.

Also, I'm going to be staying at the Mirage? Has anyone been to the renovated pool or know if there are tikis anywhere on the property?

Thanks. (PS: VegasVic: this means you).

I've been, as I'm sure a few other here, to Kahuna's in Treasure Island. Be prepared -- its Frat Boy Central over there. Not tiki at all besides the souvenir tiki mug they sell. Other than that its complete neon & loud music.

I suggest you continue through the casino to the valet parking area and cross over the bridge to The Venetian. As soon as you cross over Las Vegas Blvd, you'll be at Taboo Cove. Loud music too, but Bosko stuff everywhere.

Have fun.


Is it "Kahuna's" now? It used to be called "Kahunaville"... With the exception of some airbrushed tikis on the back wall and some 'faux-flame' torches, it's just a thinly disguised sports bar. However, their glass tumblers are really nice! Thick, frosted glass with a nice colorful tiki and scenery screened on the front - definitely worth stopping by for, but not much else to see otherwise.

oh, yeah - the glasses aren't 'for sale', if you know what I mean...

Doc, I know exactly what you mean. HA.

If you get to Taboo Cove around five or six, the music should be tolerable but just avoid that place like the plague when the dance party starts later at night. Night time is for gambling anyway.

Andrew posted on Mon, Oct 6, 2003 2:11 PM

I was sooo disappointed with Kahunaville. It was just painful. Since we had already ordered drinks before realizing our error we felt obligated to wait for them. After fifteen minutes without their arrival we bailed. If for some reason you do go in, walk straight through the bar the dining area and check out the flaming fountain.

Taboo Cove is a must visit and, while not tiki, we always hit the Peppermill lounge.

Just returned from Vegas and found it very unsettling to hear Eminem blasting from Taboo Cove. What the Hell??


*tiki-riviera wrote:
Taboo Cove. What the Hell??

To me, it has always been more of a purgatory.


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