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Don Tiki / Martin Denny! Amazing

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[ Edited by: filslash 2008-09-05 13:31 ]

SES posted on Mon, Oct 6, 2003 6:46 AM

Great! I'm so happy it was a huge success!

If you want to send one of those programs to me, I can scan it/edit no problemo!

[ Edited by: susane on 2004-01-20 07:03 ]

I'm just glad to hear that they recorded the show. Now some of us who couldn't make it out there will be able to share the experience.

I really don't know why promoters don't record every concert (not just Martin Denny). There are plenty of concerts that I would have gladly paid to get a copy of after I saw them.

I'd have given my eye teeth to be at that.


BK, I can't believe you & Brad didn't take a tax deductible "research" junket to that one!

[ Edited by: filslash 2008-09-05 13:31 ]

GECKO posted on Wed, Oct 15, 2003 5:18 PM

Sorry Bro, been bizzy,
It was a blast my man. Ailie cryed when Auigie started crying on stage.....I didn't cry one bit, my eyes were just watery from the smog machines Don Tiki was using.

I see that they are puttinf it on video. It's not going to be the same but thats still cool for da peopo dat neva wen see da show. I'll be buyin' a copy myself. I was just over Mr. Dennys house a few days ago and he was really happy to get the 3 standing ovations!! he said there was a lot of aloha in the air that night...indeed!

I enjoyed how everyone was dressed! Some peeps were casual but some came out with the vintage threads....HO!!!! they were lookin sweeeeet! I wish I would have gotten down on the ground with you guys to pick up the extra stuff peopo were leavin on da ground!!! I could have sent those out to some of my friends here for souvenirs....DAM!

well when the tape comes out, GET IT!! I bet your eyes get watery from the smoke too!


Sorry, Fil,I have had the beastly computer problems, I just cleaned them up today. I just wanted to say, what a great show. DelMar Dewilde was indeed WILD. Hai Jung was hypnotizing with her seductive vocals and beautiful presence. Perry Comma, Lopaka Colon, the alluring dancers "and the rest" really put on an excellent show. The highlight, of course, was the set they played with Martin and Augie. They played "Quiet Village" and "Firecracker". At 93 Martin can still pound out a rousing version of "Firecracker". Augie was very funny, when there were problems with the instruments, he quipped, "Japanese Equipment". It was quite touching and exiting to see our heroes get a standing ovation in the fantastic venue of the Honolulu Theatre.

The night before the show I was lucky enough to meet Producer Lloyd Kandell. We talked about Don Tiki playing Shelter Island. They had had some trouble with a show that was scheduled there this summer. I think it would be the perfect band in the perfect venue. If they do play Humphrie's it will definitely be of interest for our TC Ohana. I will keep you posted.

I want to shout out to my pal Jeff Central, it was great hanging in Honolulu with you, thanks for the disks. It was nice to see Alee (sp?), we had great fun with you at La Mariana. Fil it was great touring your fabulous collection of PolyPop and Polynesian History, I'm glad you invited us down to Dukes to see Kapono, great time. I owe you a drink bro. Most of all I want to thank Gecko. He was our Chauffer, Concierge, Social Secretary, Confessor, Tour Guide and all around Man about Town. Thanks Bro, we had a great time, I Owe you.

Aloha Everyone! The Don Tiki tribute to Martin Denny was beyond words. It was the most incredible evening I have ever had. Gecko thanks for the wonderful island hospitality. I really appreciate all you did while I was on the islands. The taxi service, the La Mariana and the tour of the pad. You are truly a great artist and friend. Al and Shelley, you guys are the most fun people I could ever hope to hang out with while in Waikiki. Thanks alot for for the rides as well as the great tiki spirit. Fil, I didn't get to talk with you much but thanks for that mai tai during the Primitiva intermission. It was much needed since I was on an emotional roller coaster. The sight of Martin Denny playing "Quiet Village" with Augie Colon and Harold Chang brought tears to my eyes. I really miss the islands since I've been back on the mainland and will hopefully be returning next year for a much longer stay. Thanks again everyone for making this once in a lifetime event even more special by being in the presence of truly great friends. You guys are the best!

[ Edited by: filslash 2008-09-05 13:31 ]

Hi Fil,

Yes! The pictures actually came out pretty good considering I was sitting 6 rows back and didn't use a flash. That Fuji 400 film really works great under low light. I will post some pictures if I can figure out how. Hanford's instructions look easy enough but I am not exactly a computer whiz. Hopefully look for some pictures soon.


[ Edited by: filslash 2007-01-06 13:44 ]

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