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seekin' tiki while on tour

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Aloha, all!

My power pop band is going on a wee small 10-day tour of the Southeast this week and next and I was hoping my fellow TCers in the cities we're playing might recommend some tiki spots nearby the venues, something we could get to inbetween soundcheck and showtime.

Thanks in advance and feel free to contact me via PM.

Here's the gigs:

Thursday 10.09.03
The Village Tavern
1055 Johnnie Dodds Blvd, Suite 100, Mt. Pleasant, SC

Friday 10.10.03
The Garage
110 West 7th St., Winston-Salem, NC

Saturday 10.11.0
The Lincoln Theater
126 E. Cabarrus St., Raleigh, NC

Sunday 10.12.03
(day off)
Murphy, NC

Monday 10.13.03
The Nick
2514 10th Ave. S., Birmingham, AL

Tuesday 10.14.03
Checkpoint Charlie
501 Esplanade Ave., New Orleans, LA

Wednesday 10.15.03
Star Bar
437 Moreland Ave., Atlanta, GA

Thursday 10.16.03 (tentative)
J J Cagney's
305 West River Street, Savannah, GA

Friday 10.17.03
Jack Rabbit's
1528 Hendricks Ave, Jacksonville, FL

Barely Pink
The Vodkanauts

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Kenike posted on Mon, Oct 6, 2003 6:25 PM

You won't find any tiki in NC. I used to live close to Winston and Raleigh. I think there's a tiki bar somewhere in the Outer Banks but that's about it.



Hey tweedtone, just went to your site... sounds great!
I'll come see y'all at The Nick, I live in Birmingham.
I'm afraid the only tiki bar in B'ham is the one in my apartment: http://www.fleabomb.com/fbomb/articlearchive.asp?ArticleID=89 You're of course welcome to check it out so long as I know in advance b/c it's perenially trashed from its last usage :)

The only must see and do bars in Bham are Los Angeles (probably the only place in the state that serves cachaca)... but they are closed on Mondays.
The Garage ...the uber neighborhood bar... I don't think I've ever been on a monday... they might be closed on monday's
Bottega - mainly for the wine and food... they actually serve cachaca too but use so little it doesn't count.
Highlands - definitely closed on mondays. Very snooty bar, so quite fun if you're in the mood to snoot or be snooted.

http://universist.meetup.com - for atheists, deists, agnostics, pantheists, transcendentalists and other little devils.

Thanks for the info.

Yeah, I figured finding tiki in North Carolina would be a long shot ... I was hoping for some locals-only kinda hidden oasis that didn't make it into the TRT.

kahukini - hope you can make it to the show at The Nick. What's the place like?
Is it a place we can catch the Bucs game that night or is there somewhere better for that?

The Bucs? The Bucs? After last night, don't get me started...
Have a great time on tour, dude.

Yeah, that was a surreal evening. Tampa Bay still has a lot of respect, love and admiration for our former coach and we wanted him to do well. But, jeez, did we have to hand him the win?!? And there was some pretty gawd-awful officiating going on there as well.

Grrr. Gotta whup us some Washington butts next week.


When you and you're band are in Atlanta, you have to go to the Trader Vic's locatd in the Atlanta Hilton. This is the only Trader Vic's on the East Coast and only one of five in the U.S. As a Tiki Centralite it is your duty to go there. You won't regret it.
Be there or (seriously) be square.



On 2003-10-07 12:31, donhonyc wrote:
When you and you're band are in Atlanta, you have to go to the Trader Vic's locatd in the Atlanta Hilton. This is the only Trader Vic's on the East Coast and only one of five in the U.S. As a Tiki Centralite it is your duty to go there. You won't regret it.
Be there or (seriously) be square.


Ah! Sagely advise fo sho.

Mapquest shows TV to be 5 minutes/2.5 miles from Little Five Points, where we're staying. Is this accurate, locals ...?

Plan for more like 10 or 15 minutes, just 'cause of traffic. You're gong to go south on Moreland Ave (Star Bar's right there on Moreland) for 2 miles til you hit the interstate, I-20. Go right (west) for just a few exits 'til you hit downtown. From there - damn, I kinda find it by feel from there! But the gang at the Star Bar can give you exact instructions once you reach downtown.

But remember that TV's closes pretty dang early, beFORE you'll get offstage. Make it your dinner/post soundcheck stop, I'd avise, unless you're playing a really early show. (Call ahead - see the "Finding Tiki" post on Atlanta TV's for the phone number.)

I wish SO much I could be there for your show, Tweedtone! Not only 'cause I want to see your cool sounding band, but because the Star Bar was HOME for me, and because it would be fun to take you to my beloved formerly-local Trader Vic's!

So you'll just have to get out to Texas again!

Oh, and the Nick (Birmingham) is a hole. But it used to be my hole-away-from-home. Many a "fond" memory: my guitarist getting jumped while walking outside, Rev. Horton Heat passing out while worshipping the porcelain goddess, thus blocking the door to get him out, Baron ("the Evil Twin") baring his hairy ass onstage after our Hillbilly show, - the list goes on...

TIKI: Now, more than ever

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Swanky posted on Tue, Oct 7, 2003 8:19 PM

Star Bar is owned by some tattoed tiki fans. They'll help you guys out. I'll send word that you guys are friends. I'll make sure they help you out. You might get over to the Blue Orchid there in 5 Points for some tiki shopping, or over to Junkman's (who were represented at Hukilau I and II) for Tiki Farm etc. stuff.


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Coolness - thanks for all the tips and info. It's very comforting to know I'm not heading into a complete void of nothingness. :)

Formikahini - yeah, I gathered that The Nick ain't the Beacon Theater. We're kinda doing that gig as a back door into Smith's Olde Bar in Altanta - the regionals and nationals there are booked by the same agency. Plus it'll just be fun to rock in Birmingham, of course. I sent in our SXSW application yesterday - here's hoping! My girlfriend and I are probably gonna go whether my band in showcasing or not. Last year, we went to a bunch of killer non-official shows and had a great low-budget time.

Swanky - this'll be our debut at the Star Bar so it'll be great to have a "good word" put in for us. :) Yeah, we definitely plan to do some 5 Points shopping.

tikifreak - Yes, we played at Jack Rabbit's before but it's been awhile. I'm given to understand they've knocked down some walls, opening it up a bit, since we were last there. My birthday is the 18th so by 12:00:45am, I should be well and truly pickled.

For indentification purposes here's a band picture, I'm the Telecaster-wielding plankspanker on the far right:


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Wow,, touring... Brings back memories. It was a couple of national tours working as tour manager for L.A. based pop band "The Sugarplastic" that got me into Tiki in the first place. I'm envious. Give us a holler if you come out west.

We're hoping to do a West Coast run next summer - gotta see how all y'all hoity-toitys do it!


i just booked this show moments ago:

Thursday 10.16.03
J J Cagney's
305 West River St, Savannah, GA

Any recommendations for Savannah?


I'm not sure if there's any tiki in Savannah. There however, is the Pirate House, it's a resteraunt and it is the place where Robert Louis Stevenson set and wrote "Treasure Island." (The begining of the book is based on this building). It's really cool. There used to be secret tunnels that led out to the sea.

Tybee Island is like the mostly uncommercial beach. Nice, quiet beach.

There's a piano bar called "Smiles" where two to four pianists rip through your requests. Some funny comedy routines they do there to. "Bohemian Rhapsady" by Queen was particularly good there.

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