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Islands Room- Bali Hai

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Tiki Bong and his family came down to see us this weekend. The Bongs toured the Fabulous Lagoon Room and then we all went down to the Islands room at the Hanalei Hotel and then over to the Bali Hai. The next night Shelley and I went back to the Hanalei for a luau.

Shelley and the family Bong.

Sarah playing dress up.

SAM !!! WARRIOR PRINCESS. Sam is very talented and sang R&H's Bali Hai for us in the Lagoon Room, she was really good.

The Hana Lei Hotel and the Islands Room are really cool. I've heard people complain it was better before the remodel, but, it is still very,very tiki

Everyone like glass floats

Canoe signage

One of the many large Tikis.

The big Moai

Next stop the Bali Hai.

If you go to the Bali Hai make sure you walk around the grounds there are Tikis all over the place.

Me, Mr Bali Hai and Kevin

Day Glow Tiki

The next night at the luau I met some of the Wahines from the "Motu Hawaii" dance troop. As lovely as they are talented.

A feirce Kane from "Motu Hawaii"

The Pig!!!!!.

A tribe called Tiki, 135 to ya

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Speakin' of the Bali Hai song....remember Lushy- from the Tropics party? If you wanna hear a really ecclectic version of Bali Hai, check out their version! Go to http://www.lushy.com and click on the Everything link and keep clickin Next until you get to the Bali Hai song. It's a wild version! BTW, I am now a huge Lushy fan- my favs being their songs Toast and French75....check 'em out!

A reverie:

I remember when Lushy played this song on Friday night on the Tahitian Lanai at Caliente. The sun had just set and twilight hues cast a soothing light on our desert tropic isle. Lushy plays smooth, jazzy lounge music and we were all relaxing and shmoozing there on the grass, with the band playing furnishing an elegant aural backdrop.

Then the strains of Bali Hai flowed out of a flute. The poly-pop proclivity implanted in these tiki people gathered on the lawn was suddenly activated; drawn out of their conversations and preoccupations they stopped to listen and then cheer. Atomic Cocktail leapt up and cavorted on the green in a perfect expression of glee. A happy moment.

Talk about terrific hosts and tiki tour guides! Al and Shelly truly show the aloha spirit.

Our adventure began at their beautiful mesa home in Oceanside, decked with tiki and hawaiiana artifacts. Al's Fabulous Lagoon Room is as magnificant as it appears on konakai.com. The bar area comprises an entire room (I'm not saying I have a case of tiki bar-envy, but I'm knocking out a wall at my house to make way for expansion - Home Depot here I come!).

Next, Al mixed us up a round of Captain's Grog with all its 11 ingrediants. This was his answer to my question - 'Hey Al, what exactly does Falernum taste like?'.

After a brief round of dress up with Zena-inspired leather wear(the kids that is) we were off to The Islands at the Hanalei Hotel. As you can see from Al's pictures the place is a stroll back in time. A 12' Moai replica behind the pool and vintage tiki everywhere. After a round or two of drinks and pu pu platters, it was off to our next stop...

The Bali Hai! - what can I say? Al gave us the deluxe 'Sven' guided tour (hey Bigbro - did you know there's a 4' tiki missing from around back?). The drinks were superb as was the food. We stayed at our window seat until after the Sun set on the shimmering Pacific.

Then it was off to Trader Mort's liquor store in search of the essential, but somewhat elusive, Demerara Rum in both its normal and 151 variety. With the reflex of Bruce Lee, Al deftly snatched the last bottle of each right before some other rum rover came a hunting.

The fine evening ended poolside with an after dinner drink instantly created by Shelly. Using her quick wit and intuitiveness, she whipped up a tasty little number for us in a blind fury as though being guided by voices.

It was the kind of evening that makes you smile your way through the next day's headache!

Madam, Tiki and the Baby Bongs send huge MAHALOZ's to Al & Shelly for their Ohana Spirit.

To a 'Tribe Called Tiki' - Aloha


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Wow! just checked out the ALnShelly pad on Konakai.com and you two have it going on and on and on and on and............! I'm in awe!

GECKO posted on Sat, Jul 27, 2002 5:33 PM

Aloha friends,
Looks like you guys had a wonderfull time! Great pictures Al. It's nice to see faces. Yes, Sam has a beautiful voice. When the Bongs come here she's going to have to sing Bali Hai at the famous La Mariana on a Friday night.
Who's da wahine with the fish platter? nice lookin' Tell her I'll see her when I get back to the mainland! Anyways, I cant wait to try one of those drinks Al.
Did you happen to take the Bongs to Bamboo 2u? The next time I vist my Mom & Dad over there in Oceanside I'll have to stop by your pad.

Live Aloha


Shelley and I stopped at "Momalanis, Island Traditions" this afternoon. David and Perlina told us your folks live in Oceanside and that you carve when you visit here. I have my eye on that big painted coconut palm mask. You have to stop by next time your in town. Shelley and I may be in Honolulu for a couple of days in January, so we'll take you for a drink at LaMariana. The family Bong visited Bamboo 2 U the day these pictures were taken. The new store is awesome. Judy's doing biz. Let me know when your coming to town.

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