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TIKI in Montreal, Quebec and Quebec City

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Hello folks,

I will be in Montreal Quebec and Quebec City from Oct. 17 - 21 and was wondering if anyone has any reviews, suggestions or other information about tiki bars, restaurants, and even places where I can find new and/or vintage tikis to buy in Montreal or Quebec City.????



Hi TikiAlanny!

I don't know if this will be in your vicinity, but evidently there's a still-operational Tiki Hotel in the Trois Rivieres area of Quebec called the "Hotel Motel Coconut".

Here's an old Orchids Of Hawaii mug I recently purchased that started the hunt:

Doctor Z did a quick lookup on the net and found that the Motel Coconut is still open and has a three-star rating. It now has the word "Hotel" added to the name, which frankly makes it sound rather silly, but check out the website:

The photos show a classic old tiki structure with a nice Tiki Bar within:

Have any of you Canadians ever visited this place? Do they still serve drinks in Orchids of Hawaii mugs?



I have long been planning a trip to the Coconut, but have yet to go - Even though it's one of the closest tiki bars to me, it's still a 7 hour drive. That's life in the Great White North!

When in Montreal, the Jardin Tiki is the last best must-see place. See the review (I was a little harsh I admit) at tikifish.com.

I dont think there is anything in Quebec City. There's acouple of places in the Laurentians (see the Luau writeup in FINDING TIKI forum).

John Travisonno of the Montreal Tiki Appreciation Society could tell you best, but he seems a hard fellow to find. Busy putting together the next issue of Mai Tai I suppose!


Trois Rivieres (the Coconut Motel) is halfway between Montreal and Quebec City, by the way, so it's definitely an easy place to stop if you're doing the road trip thing.

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