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Tiki in Rag Mags..........

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........Strummin' threw the People Mag (Oct. 13, 2003 issue, Nicole's New Love on the front) page 8 and 9, Star Tracks, "The Sweetest Thing", Justin T. mackin' on Cameron D. while wearing a Tiki t-shirt! Looks like it says Tiki God Mini Golf. Bong- he even has a tattoo on his ankle!..........

p.s. Don't even try to get me to post the pic! Been there, done that!!


Timberlake's sporting Tiki.....next thing you know he'll be wearing MC5 t-shirts.
Oh yeah...he's done that too. I'll bet though that he thinks his 'Mick-5' t-shirt is pretty 'phat'.

I'll bet jennifer Anniston likes her 'mick-5' shirt too (saw her wearing it during the opening of 'Phriends'.....my girfriend was watching it....really!)

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